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"Welcome to the New Season covering the '00-01 age groups for Western Canada & USA"

Winnipeg AAA Bantam League All-Stars Announced

Winnipeg AAA will be holding its All-star game on Saturday, January 12 at the MTS Iceplex.  The festivities will commence at 9am with the preliminary round of the skill competition in the bantam 2 age group.  The preliminary round of the skills for bantam 1 will be 11:15am.  Bantam 2 All-Star game at 10:00am while the bantam 1 All-Star game will be played at 12:30.  Here below are the rosters for both contests.

Bantam 1 All-Star Rosters
Team Red

1.  BROWN,  Jordan   Winnipeg Warriors
35.  OSSACHUK, Dylan  Thunder Bay Kings *

2.  KUKLICA, Garrett  Winnipeg Sharks
3.  LAVOIE, Eric   Winnipeg Sharks
4.  THORNTON, Keaton  Winnipeg Warriors
5.  JAMESON, Blake   Brandon Wheat Kings
6.  WILLIAMS, Troy   Thunder Bay Kings *
7.  DANIELS, Devon   Thunder Bay Kings *
8.  POUTEAU, Brady   Pembina Valley Hawks
9.  ROBIDOUX, Adam  Yellowhead Chiefs

10.  KOOP, Will    Winnipeg Sharks
11.  SOKOLOSKI, Ryan  Winnipeg Sharks
12.  LABOSSIERE,  Nicholas Winnipeg Warriors
14.  DEREWIANCHUK, Dane Winnipeg Warriors
15.  HALVORSEN, Nathan  Winnipeg Warriors
16.  OSINAME, Chipper  Brandon Wheat Kings
17.  BELISLE, Bradley   Thunder Bay Kings *
18.  GILLIS, Brendan   Thunder Bay Kings *
19.  SIAU, Avery   Thunder Bay Kings *
20.  DALKE, Ben   Pembina Valley Hawks
21.  CHRISTIANSON, Logan Pembina Valley Hawks
22.  SMITH, Brody   Yellowhead Chiefs

*denotes – not eligable for the WHL Bantam Draft

Team White

1.  HALL, Ryan   Winnipeg Monarchs
35.  KUBIC, Ryan   Winnipeg Hawks

2.   THURLBECK, Adam  Winnipeg Hawks
3.  THOMAS, Jeremy    Winnipeg Hawks
4.   BOWEY, Connor    Winnipeg Monarchs
5.  KRAUSE, Jonathon  Winnipeg Monarchs
6.  FURGALA, Dylan   Interlake Lightning
7.  CHWALIBOGA, Griffin  Interlake Lightning
8.  CROSS, Tristen   Southwest Cougars
9.  STEWART, Dean   Central Plains Capitals

10.  LOSCHIAVO, Vince  Winnipeg Hawks
11.  McCORRISTER, Linden  Winnipeg Hawks
12.  PATRICK, Nolan   Winnipeg Hawks
14.  THIESSEN, Dylan   Winnipeg Monarchs
15.  CURTIS, Josh   Winnipeg Monarchs
16.  MARTIN, Dawson  Winnipeg Monarchs
17.  JAKISCH, Kevin   Winnipeg Monarchs
18.  LOEWEN, Jermaine  Interlake Lightning
19.  GROOT, Devan   Interlake Lightning
20.   KRISTJANSON, Jordan  Interlake Lightning
21.   BILLANEY, Braden  Southwest Cougars
22.   WALL, Nathan   Central Plains Capitals

Bantam 2 All-Star Rosters
Team Red

1.  COMEAULT,  Alex  Winnipeg Warriors
35.  GARBER,  Bennett  Winnipeg Monarchs

2.  MARTIN, Maxwell  Winnipeg Monarchs
3.  BEAULIEU, Codey  Winnipeg Warriors
4.  TIMLICK, Conor   Winnipeg Monarchs
5.  PELECHATY, Jared  Winnipeg Warriors
6.  CASSIE, Dylan   Winnipeg Monarchs
7.  LEFKO, Brett   Winnipeg Warriors

8.  MATTHEOS, Stelio  Winnipeg Monarchs 
9.  McISAAC, James   Winnipeg Warriors 
10.  CAMPBELL, Tyler  Winnipeg Monarchs 
11.  BRISCOE, Ian   Winnipeg Warriors 
12.  STEWART, Connor  Winnipeg Monarchs
14.  OSTIR, Hayden   Winnipeg Warriors 
15.  MAZZA, Marco   Winnipeg Monarchs
16.  NAULT, Austin   Winnipeg Warriors 
17.  COWELL, Jack   Winnipeg Monarchs

Team White

1.  MYSKIW, Dylan   Winnipeg Hawks
35.  McNEIL, Bryson   Winnipeg Sharks

2.  KELLY, Bronson   Winnipeg Hawks
3.  DAVIS, J J    Winnipeg Sharks
4.  DANIELS, Dylan   Winnipeg Hawks
5.  DOYLE, Nicholas   Winnipeg Sharks 
6.  BRUCE, Riley   Winnipeg Hawks
7.  MARTIN, Mason   Winnipeg Sharks

8.  BURTON, Dylan   Winnipeg Hawks
9.  KRAUS, Cayden   Winnipeg Sharks 
10.  GISTI, Darren   Winnipeg Hawks
11.  OSTIR, Brennan   Winnipeg Sharks
12.  GLASS, Cody   Winnipeg Hawks 
14.  PAL, Tyler    Winnipeg Sharks
15.  WILTSHIRE, Kyle  Winnipeg Hawks
16.  ZASTRE, Brandon  Winnipeg Sharks
17.  DANIELS-WEBB, Keevan Winnipeg Hawks 


  1. Jeremy Link is easily in the top 2, ryan kubic is front runner i’d say but link is incredible quick with great reaction speed, once the kid grows a bit he’ll be a hell of a goalie and i agree barley and a few others should be on here too!

  2. When is a hat trick not a hat trick?

  3. January 12, 2013 at 11:20 AM

    Jeremy Link is a very good goalie,probably top 5-7 in MB, but the best in MB would be a big stretch and very biased opinion. Having said that, there were other very good players not at the all-star game; Conner Barley, Jordan Young, Chase Brakel and William Lovell are a few that come to mind.

    It was a well run and organized game for the kids and parents in attendance.

  4. why is jeremy link not on here?? in my opinion jeremy link is the best goalie in manitoba.

  5. Why would they schedule this, right before a major tournament and during the middle of the season? This should be done in April. Some kid gets hurt for no reason ?

  6. Apparently Saskatoon will be having peewee, bantam, and midget all star games this year as well.

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