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Leif Mattson may join the Winnipeg Monarchs – update

The highly touted Monarchs may  have received another this week as it has been rumored that former Interlake Lightning scoring forward Leif Mattson would add fuel to an already impressive Monarchs squad.  Last season, Leif picked up 26-30-56 in 52 games, finishing only behind high end prospect Jermaine Loewen in team scoring.  The family hasn’t ruled out Interlake or a team from BC.


  1. ATTENTION: The person who has IP and Username “″. If you continue to try to have comments submitted in regards to Leif Mattson which I find are very negative and childish in nature, they will simply not be approved. I know based on the way you write that you can do better than that. I suggest you let it go in regards to Leif.

  2. Just watched the Mattson boy play this weekend and was very impressed with his skills.boy has tons of potential and looks like he’s got a great future ahead of him. Go Leif go Leif!

  3. Monarchs will be a tough team to make for anyone.Up front Matheos and Campbell are elite players (the type that make everyone around them better).
    The competetion for a spot with the AAA players that transferred out,AA players and the “move in”s” will be an advantage smaller area’s do not have.
    That area has a tremendous advantage with its population and demographic ($).
    Good luck to all.

  4. As a current WHL scout and a guy who has coached Leif a few times now over the past cople seasons, this kid is a terrific hockey player with amazing skill set. He is the Manitoba version of James Malm another player who I have coached. Malm may have softer hands but Mattison has better vision. Leif is ultra competitive player who wants and expects to score every shift. Good scoop for the Monarchs hope they can land the Bear boy as well it would be fun to watch Leif and him play together..

    • Darren, I understand kids and parents wanting their kids to play on high end teams that have very real chance at winning all the big tournaments. But I think its unfortunate when rural kids “move” for no other reason than to play with elite teams. Therefore I disagree with your comment about scooping the Bear kid.

      Look at most rural teams, and they have 1-3 really good players, and when they leave, it can hurt the rural programs big time. What happens last year if Dalke moves away from Pembina, or Billaney from southwest, or Loewen from Interlake? Look what Brandon did without Lewis all year? (injury). These teams draw from small pool of players, and if they loose 1 or 2 to already strong city teams, it does hurt the rural teams big time! How much better would Interlake have been last season with McCorrister and Bannerman on the team; both Interlake kids living in Winnipeg during season.

      Also, if you have coached Mattson, you know how much he needs a Bear type player to play with, because Leif hesitates to go in the corners and boards. He should do well on the Monarchs team with Mattheos and company.

      • I agree with you totally Rural Fan. Wpg is divided into only 4 regions in a city of almost 700,000 people. That means each area has a population of almost 150,000 people as its base to pick from. And if a kid gets cut from one area, he can play for another area.

        Now to have the stronger rural kids moving to play with Wpg teams, it only widens the disparity btw rural teams and city teams.

        One player moving does not make a team but it does make a big difference. As you noted, the Lewis kid from Brandon is a good example. We played them before Christmas when he was injured and we easily beat them twice. After Christmas, when he was back playing we didn’t beat them once. They only won 2 games before Christmas when he was hurt but won a lot more when he was back in the lineup. Also the Dalke boy geting hurt before the provincials pretty much sealed their fate – no Dalke, no chance of winning. He wasn’t there only player but he certainly made their team a lot better.

        Each team ( city or rural ) has 1 or 2 players that are their impact players and losing them would make a huge difference. Does anyone think the Hawks would have beaten the Monarchs if they didn’t have Kubic in goal and McCorister playing????? I don’t think they would have. Both should have been playing in Interlake.

        Players should be playing in their own region. All this movement will lead to more teams recruiting to draw in the better players. The big city teams will get stronger and the rural teams will become weaker. Soon winter hockey will look just like summer hockey – the best recruted teams ( not best coached teams ) will be the ones who win.

        • Kubic is actually from Hawks region in selkirk. bannerman was the backup goalie and barely played in the playoffs and westerns

  5. For those wondering, most of the rural MB teams have their own team websites with stats and other info. Interlake’s can be found if you search for Interlake Lightning Bantam AAA, with all the stats including tournaments. Winnipeg league plays only 30 games.

    As Kevin said, Mattson will need to try out for the Monarchs, although based on the handful of games I’ve seen him play in league and tournaments, he should make the team.

  6. Why don’t you use other players tournament stats than??

    • In the release, the stats were simply pulled from the teams website.

  7. It’s just funny how some players seem to be able to pick and choose where and who they play for each year. Also a player should not assume they are on the team even before tryout started.

  8. Also Tyler just wondering who gives you this information? Because the league only has 30 games?? Nobody keeps stats from tournaments and exhibition games, so where do you get his stats?

    • John – Those stats for Mattson are his overall stats, which include tournament play etc. I do have access to those stats.

      • It seems your doing a lot of promoting for Leaf Mattson, and I’m not sure why?? Have you ever seen him play, because he is a very one ended player…

        • The Monarchs have had tryouts already ?? Now he very well may move into the area and will most likely make the team, but come on that is not good reporting he still has to go through tryouts which are in SEPT !!

        • I agree

        • how is he playing for them if he lives in Interlake. is this going to be something like Linden Mccorister with the Hawks last year when hes living on Peguis first nation? Please tell me how this works

          • @thoughts – how this works is, these kids go live with Grandma, uncle, aunt or friend in Winnipeg. since they reside there and attend school there, they are considered eligible… quite simple really.

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