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"Welcome to the New Season covering the '00-01 age groups for Western Canada & USA"

Birthdate/Size Analysis – Study

We will take a look at the three major bantam leagues in British Columbia, Winnipeg AAA, AMBHL and the SBAAHL for our analysis.  We will try to determine if age, size matter for team success.  What does it mean if you are a January birthdate vs. December birthdate?  Well in bantam hockey, it matters but as you move up to the higher age groups and eventually to the NHL, it evens out.  That could indicate a large number of players in the Sept-Dec birth months who are smaller players and perhaps late bloomers as they approach Midget and eventually the WHL and on to pro.

You don’t have to look any further than this group of players who were passed over in the WHL bantam draft who were all born after the month of July.  Joe Sakic, Jarome Iginla, Jeff Friesen, Joffrey Lupul, Dan Humhuis(Dec), Shane Doan (Oct), Scottie Usphall(Oct), Jeff Woywitka.

As far the WHL Bantam Draft goes, in the past 24 bantam drafts, we have only seen 2 players drafted 1st overall born after the month of June.  Jay Bouwmeester in 1998 and more recently – Jake Virtanen in 2011.  11 players were born in January or February!  In the past 24 bantam drafts we have seen just 11 players drafted in either November or December and only four in the past 10 years.  Stuart Skinner ’13, Sam Reinhart ’10, Connor Rankin ’09 and Colby Cave ’09.

Current WEHP Rankings – Birthdate

Jan – April = 14

May – Aug = 4

Sept – Dec = 4

Jantzen Leslie the youngest player in the first round with a birthdate of November 2nd.  Just 4 players born in December on the current rankings overall.


Jan – April = 42

May-Aug = 34

Sept – Dec = 12

January – 13 players

December – 6 players

Kamloops won the league and they were also the tallest at 5.09.6 and the heaviest at 157.1.  They were the youngest team in the league though out of the four teams.  Vernon was the smallest team in both height and weight and finished last.


Jan-April = 36

May- Aug = 22

Sept – Dec = 16

January – 8 players

December -4 players

Cowichan Valley won the league and were the tallest at 5.08.4 and the heaviest at 148.6.  They were the 2nd oldest.


Jan – April = 188

May – Aug = 148

Sept – Dec = 91

January – 50 players

December – 21 players

BWC were the tallest at 5.09.9 and the heaviest at 156.1 and finished 2nd in the league to NSWC.  NSWC were the 2nd oldest team and 2nd biggest.  Richmond was the youngest team in the league and struggled in Tier 1 while New Westminster were the smallest.

Winnipeg AAA

Jan – April = 111

May – Aug = 73

Sept – Dec = 33

January – 33 players

December – 9 players

The Winnipeg Monarchs won the Winnipeg AAA league and went to westerns.  They were by far the biggest team at 5.10.2 and the heaviest at 157.9, which was helped by 6’3 242lb Tanner Mole and 6’2.5 Stelio Mattheos as well as 6’3 Connor Timlick.  Yellowhead were last place and were the smallest at 5.06.9 and 127.4.


Jan – April = 199

May – Aug = 128

Sept – Dec = 67

January – 62 players

December – 13 players

The NE Wolfpack were the tallest at 5.08.5 and the heaviest at 149.3 but finished 3rd in the North of the SBAAHL and lost out in the final.  The Balgonie Prairie Storm won the league regular seasonwith the youngest team in the league at 14.4.  West Central Wheat Kings were the smallest at 5.05.9 and only 125.8 and finished last in the north.


Jan – April = 148

May – Aug = 101

Sept – Dec = 44

January – 43 players

December – 6 players

The Lloydminster Heat won the league but were middle of the pack in height and weight and were the 6th youngest team.  The biggest team was Spruce Grove PAC at 5.09.7 and 158.2lbs and as a result were very successful.  SEAC Tigers struggled to a 3-27-3 record and were the smallest team at just 5.06.0 and 129.9lbs.  Sherwood Park was the youngest team at 14.6 and had moderate success which could be a sign of things to come for next year.


Jan – April = 261

May – August = 148

Sept – Dec = 91

January – 72 players

December – 15 players

The Calgary Hitmen were the biggest team and the last place Lethbridge Hurricanes the smallest.  The Kootenay Ice were the oldest and the Tri City Americans the youngest.


Jan – April = 301

May – Aug = 265

Sept – Dec = 221

January – 74 players

December – 57 players

The Winnipeg Jets are the tallest team at 6.02.1 and the Washington Capitals are the heaviest at 209.8.  Both teams aren’t in the playoffs.  The Montreal Canadiens are in the playoffs despite being the shortest at 6.00.4.  The Buffalo Sabres and the Edmonton Oilers are both the lightest teams and the youngest teams and are the bottom 2 team in the NHL.


  1. Why is the WHL not able to produce top end talent for the NHL? because all they do is look at size and nothing else when drafting these kids

    • You obviously haven’t got a clue about the parade of 1st overall talent the WHL has delivered to the NHL – inform yourself.

  2. Although not surprising, it was still very interesting to look at. Size matters in hockey!

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