Trevor Wong – St. George’s Academy Prep (CSSHL)

Height: 5’7″  Weight:  135lbs  Birth: May 4th, 2003

WEHP Rank:  7th overall

First off, where have you played all of your minor hockey and what have been some of your favorite personal and team memories in hockey for you so far?

I started my minor hockey career playing for the Vancouver Thunderbirds. I then moved to BWC in hockey 4 and continued all throughout bantam first year. Some of my favorite memories in the past have been playing in the finals of the Brick tournament, playing back-to-back years in the Quebec Peewee Tournament, and winning provincials three times and the western bantam hockey championship.

Talk a bit about your 16/17 hockey season and what some of your highlights were and how you feel it went on a personal level?  Where do you plan on playing your 17/18 season?

My 16/17 season was one of my most memorable seasons at BWC and some memories were going undefeated in regular season and going to play in the Notre Dame, Medicine Hat, and, St. Alberts tournaments. The highlights of the season were winning provincials and the western bantam hockey championship. Also being coached by John Batchelor, who has lots of coaching experience in these big tournaments, and playing along side some great 02’s. This upcoming season I will be playing for the St. Georges Hockey Academy.

Who has made the biggest impact on your hockey career so far whether it be coaches, family members etc.?

Some coaches that have made a big impact in my hockey career are Jim Strang who was my first skating coach in Vancouver. Bill Hunt, who coached me for two years in Peewee and John Batchelor who coached me this past season.  Others who also have played an important role in my hockey career so far have been Yogi Svejkovsky who has coached me throughout all of my spring seasons, and my dad and brother who have given me lots of advice and supported me the whole way through.

How has your spring hockey season went so far and what do you plan on doing for the rest of the spring and summer?

I really enjoyed the past spring season. Being coached by Yogi, who is a  great developer and who has coached many great players in the past. Also playing against some of the top 03’s around the country. I also played with HPL alliance which was a real great opportunity to play with a bunch of the top 03’s from BC – We won the North American Classic tournament in Winnipeg this past June. In the off season, I took some time off in July but in August I’m going to multiple camps to help get me ready for the upcoming season. 
What are some of the other strengths in your game that help set you apart from your peers? On the other hand, what weaknesses do you feel still need the most work?

I believe that my speed and skating has always been one of my biggest assets that put me one step ahead. Another strength I believe that has helped me is my ability to see the ice well and find open team mates as well as my hockey iq. One of the things I have to work on is my shot, and getting bigger and stronger.

Who is the player(s) in your age group that you respect the most on a skill and/or leadership level and why?

One of the players I respect the most is Logan Stankoven. He makes everyone around him better, and can put the puck in the net. I’ve been fortunate to play on the same team as Logan. We played together on the Brick team as well as line mates on the HPL alliance. We have good chemistry on and off the ice, and I believe we compliment each others games well. I’ve had the privilege to play along side many great 03’s for BWC and the BC Bears as well.

What can you tell the readers about yourself that likely very few people know about you?  Superstitions etc.?  Have you had any relatives play high levels of hockey?

I play club rugby, basketball, and I like to play golf in the off season. ​I like to have the same routine for each game. I get dressed the same way, tape my socks the same, and wear the same socks each game.