Hockey Manitoba have announced its U16 Camp Roster this afternoon.  48 players have made the cut which includes a pair of 2003 born underaged players who won’t be eligible for the U16 roster however.  Please see the list below for all the players named to the team.

All players within the WEHP top 180 overall prospects from the province of Manitoba made the cut.  We have a few players on the list however who we believe still warrant a draft pick who weren’t named to the roster and they will remain on our list in our final rankings.

For a full list of the WEHP rankings, please check out the newsletter!

2017 U-16 POE TOP-40 Camp
Name P S HT WT Born Hometown 2016-17 Team (League)
Nom P L T P Ville d’origine Équipe 2016-17 (Ligue)
Nathan Falloon G R 5’10.5″ 122 02/16/2002 Binscarth Yellowhead Chiefs (BT1-AAA)
Christopher Fines G L 6’4″ 150 06/08/2002 Stonewall Interlake Lightning (BT1-AAA)
Dante Giannuzzi G L 5’7″ 140 0/03/2002 Winnipeg RHA Nationals (CSSHL)
Nikulas Jerris G L 6’0″ 176 01/20/2002 Winnipeg RHA Nationals (CSSHL)
Brock Moroz G L 5’9″ 125 01/09/2002 La Salle Pembina Valley Hawks (BT1-AAA)
Cole Oswald G L 5’10 147 01/17/2002 Steinbach Eastman Selects (BT1-AAA)
Jordan Boyechko D R 6’2″ 169 09/04/2002 Brandon Southwest Cougars (BT1-AAA)
Kian Calder D L 5’9.5″ 183 07/17/2002 Portage la Prairie Central Plains Capitals (BT1-AAA)
Lucas Fry D R 5’11” 181 05/08/2002 Winnipeg Winnipeg Monarchs (BT1-AAA)
Pearce Gare D R 5’8.5″ 142 10/18/2002 Winnipeg RHA Nationals (CSSHL)
Daemon Hunt D L 6’0.5″ 190 05/15/2002 Brandon Brandon Wheat Kings (BT1-AAA)
Anthony Kehrer D L 5’11” 184 03/04/2002 Winnipeg RHA Nationals (CSSHL)
Cory King D R 5’9.5″ 150 04/26/2002 Souris Southwest Cougars (BT1-AAA)
Adam Krestanowich D R 6’0″ 192 07/11/2002 Winnipeg Winnipeg Monarchs (BT1-AAA)
Carson Lambos D L 5’11” 173 01/14/2003 Winnipeg RHA Nationals (CSSHL)
Kyle Lamoureux D L 5’10.5″ 134 08/11/2002 Winnipeg Winnipeg Warriors (BT1-AAA)
Jordan MacFarlane D L 6’0″ 150 04/17/2002 East St. Paul Winnipeg Sharks (BT1-AAA)
Brandon McCartney D L 5’11.5″ 165 04/14/2002 Winnipeg Winnipeg Hawks (BT1-AAA)
Ethan McColm D L 6’1″ 147 07/24/2002 Oakbank Eastman Selects (BT1-AAA)
Reece Richmond D L 5’10” 183 08/10/2002 Forrest Yellowhead Chiefs (BT1-AAA)
Bray Rookes D L 5’11.5″ 195 06/16/2002 Manson Yellowhead Chiefs (BT1-AAA)
Evan Toth D L 6’0.5″ 167 06/13/2002 Winnipeg Winnipeg Monarchs (BT1-AAA)
Eric Alarie F L 6’1.5″ 170 01/27/2003 Winnipeg Winnipeg Warriors (BT2-AAA)
Calder Anderson F L 5’8″ 146 04/15/2002 Brandon Brandon Wheat Kings (BT1-AAA)
Reese Belton F R 6’0.5″ 154 04/09/2002 Winnipeg Winnipeg Monarchs (BT1-AAA)
Luc Benadictson F R 6’2″ 175 05/24/2002 Winnipeg Winnipeg Monarchs (BT1-AAA)
Jakob Brook F R 6’2″ 154 03/15/2002 Roblin RHA Nationals (CSSHL)
Braden Fischer F L n/a n/a 10/02/2002 Winnipeg Winnipeg Monarchs (BT1-AAA)
Riley Goertzen F L 6’0″ 148 05/22/2002 Homewood Pembina Valley Hawks (BT1-AAA)
Stephen Grahn F L 5’10.5″ 156 01/04/2002 Winnipeg Winnipeg Monarchs (BT1-AAA)
Evan Herman F L 5’8″ 134 03/22/2002 Oakville RHA Nationals (CSSHL)
William Highet F R 5’11” 152 04/23/2002 Winnipeg Winnipeg Warriors (BT1-AAA)
Nathanael Hinds F R 5’10” 151 03/20/2002 Winnipeg Winnipeg Warriors (BT1-AAA)
Seth Jarvis F R 5’8.5″ 148 02/01/2002 Winnipeg RHA Nationals (CSSHL)
Jackson Klewchuk F L 5’8″ 127 06/26/2002 Winnipeg Winnipeg Hawks (BT1-AAA)
Tyson Kozak F L 5’7″ 133 12/29/2002 Souris Southwest Cougars (BT1-AAA)
Carter Loney F L 5’7″ 126 08/02/2002 Winnipeg RHA Nationals (CSSHL)
Greame Patrick F L 6’0″ 149 11/08/2002 Winnipeg Winnipeg Sharks (BT1-AAA)
Jake Poole F R 6’0″ 175 06/24/2002 McAuley Yellowhead Chiefs (BT1-AAA)
Kale Price F L 5’10.5″ 160 08/18/2002 Winnipeg Winnipeg Hawks (BT1-AAA)
Nolan Ritchie F L 5’6.5″ 137 05/27/2002 Brandon Brandon Wheat Kings (BT1-AAA)
Landon Roberts F L 6’0.5″ 169 05/27/2002 Souris Southwest Cougars (BT1-AAA)
Sequoia Swan F L 5’9.5″ 174 04/03/2002 Winnipeg RHA Nationals (CSSHL)
Levi Thiessen F R 5’11.5″ 150 01/21/2002 Winnipeg Winnipeg Hawks (BT1-AAA)
Ty Thorpe F R 5’10.5″ 149 01/27/2002 Brandon RHA Nationals (CSSHL)
Noah Wagner F L 5’8″ 138 06/27/2002 Winnipeg RHA Nationals (CSSHL)
Brody Wilson F R 5’11.5″ 154 02/27/2002 Birtle Yellowhead Chiefs (BT1-AAA)
Riley Zimmerman F L 5’10” 180 05/28/2002 Winnipeg Winnipeg Monarchs (BT1-AAA)
Director of Operations Kyle Prystupa Selkirk Hockey Manitoba
Head Coach Dan Eliasson Winnipeg Winnipeg Shark (BT1-AAA)
Assistant Coach Rob Bell Winnipeg Sturgeon Heights (WHSHL)
Assistant Coach Tyler Riel Winnipeg Winnipeg Warriors (BT2-AAA)
Goalie Consultant Dan Ferguson Winnipeg Steinbach Pistons (MJHL)
Goalie Consultant Alfie Michaud Selkirk Hockey Manitoba
Video Coordinator Devin Himpe Dauphin Hockey Manitoba
Athletic Therapist Brenna Cyr Selkirk Hockey Manitoba
Equipment Manager Riley Kosmolak Steinbach Steinbach Pistons (MJHL)
Head Scout Dan Bonar Winnipeg Calgary Hitmen (WHL)
POE Support Staff Trevor Prystupa Winnipeg Hockey Manitoba