After watching the Hockey Manitoba AAA Showcase this  past weekend, our scouts in attendance feel it showed that there wont be a runaway winner of the league in the 2015-2016 season.  It looks as though the Monarchs, Warriors, Selects, Wheat kings and Capitals will all have some very good games when facing one another and merge high up in the standings.
Some of the teams (Warriors, Monarchs and Norman) played 4 games.  This somewhat skewed the overall point totals.  The Winnipeg Warriors had 3 tough games out of the 4 games they played.  The Monarchs had 2 tough games.  If you remove the Norman game from the Monarch players stats and you will see a real change in final points.  Thompson would have had 8, Ladyman 4, Greyeyes 6, Fawkes 5, Lambos 1!!!
The Norman team was over-matched playing AAA caliber teams but did should some glimpses of competitiveness at times but for the Monarchs to be scheduled to play them was probably not the best move.
High end Monarchs F – Johnny Hooker was serving a two game suspension coming into this weekend and did not play against Eastman or Norman.
Players who entered the WEHP Radar
Parker Johnson for Yellowhead Chiefs
Jayson Szun for the Winnipeg Warriors
Carter Cockburn for the Parkland Rangers
Jesse Mistelbacher for the  Eastman Selects
Team by Team Notes

Trent Miner – One of the top tenders in Western Canada and a Showcase all-star goalie.Brandon Wheatkings 3-0

Brandon Wheat Kings 3-0-0

The Wheat Kings were the only undefeated team during the weekend.  Very well balanced team with the top goaltender in the league.  Trent Miner is a game changer and will always give Brandon a chance to win. Tristen Robins led team in points.  Beat the Sharks 8-1, Hawks 3-2 and Warriors 4-3.
Top point getters: 3 games
Tristen Robins 4-2-6
Dylan Haliday 2-3-5
Ty Thorpe (02) 3-2-5
*Key 02’s, F – Ty Thorpe and defenceman Daemon Hunt.  Thorpe finished second amongst 02 born scorers this weekend

Joey Moffatt – One of the top forwards in the province.

Central Plains Capitals 1-2
Good team with good mixture of size, skill and grit.  Led by Joey Moffatt up front, the Capitals have lots of fire power. Defenceman Brandon MacKenzie (Kochen) is big, has a mean streak and has good skill and could garner some attention this year. Lost 6-5 to the Warriors and 5-2 to the Monarchs, beat Interlake 11-0.
Top point getters: 3 games
Joey Moffatt 4-5-9
Cody Blight (02) 2-4-6
Evan Herman (02) 4-0-4
Max Neill 3-1-4
Logan Calder 1-3-4
*Key 02’s, Forwards Cody Blight 1st in 02 scoring and Evan Herman 3rd in 02 scoring this weekend.

Justin Svenson – Emerged as perhaps the top forward in the province after the showcase

Eastman Selects  2-1
Eastman started off the weekend by shocking the Monarchs 7-4.  Good skilled team with nice mixture of size and skill.  Forward Justin Svenson is a player to watch in Manitoba and could challenge for the first round.  He he has good size, and skill and is very dangerous offensively. He is one of the top forwards in Manitoba.  Matthew Boonstra had a real good weekend on defence for the Selects.  Beat the Monarchs 7-4 and the Sharks 5-4, lost 8-6 to the Warriors.
Top point getters: 3 games
Justin Svenson 4-2-6
Matthew Boonstra 2-2-4
Jesse Mistelbacher 1-2-3
Kade Runke (02) 3-0-3
*Key 02’s, Forwards Caiden Gault,  Kade Runke tied for 4th in 02 scoring, Defenceman Hunter Sexton
Interlake Lightning 1-2
Interlake is a big team that plays with an edge.  However they are lacking the depth to compete with the top half of the league.
Lost 9-1 to the Hawks, 11-0 loss to the Capitals and won 9-0 over Norman
Top point getters: 3 games
Kai Studler 4-0-4
Connor Dowhy 1-1-2
Austin Adair 1-1-2
Emmitt Farebrother 0-2-2
Norman Wolves 0-4
New to the league, the Norman Wolves struggled mightily this weekend.  They did drop a close game to Parkland though.  Lost 18-2 to the Monarchs, 6-5 to Parkland, 9-0 to Interlake and 10-1 to Pembina Valley
Top point getters: 4 games
Hunter Rambow 3-1-4
Sheldin Howard 1-2-3
Kerstin Saunders 2-1-3
Parkland Rangers 1-2
Carter Cockburn stepped up and had a good tournament for Parkland. The Rangers offence was led by Liwiski, Lapointe, Cockburn and Betcher.
Lost 4-2 to Southwest, 7-2 to the Hawks and beat Norman 6-5.
Top Point getters: 3 games
Carter Cockburn 2-5-7
Jagger Lapointe 2-3-5
Mark Liwiski 3-0-3 (2 gp)
Pembina Valley Hawks  1-2
Pembina Valley has good size and grit.  They play with an edge and will make things difficult on their opponents every game.  Not overly deep, McCarthy and Shindle created the majority of the offence for the Hawks.  Lost to Yellowhead 5-4, Sharks 6-2 and beat Norman 10-1.
Top point getters: 3 games
Jayden McCarthy 3-1-4
Derek Wiebe 3-1-4
Kolton Shindle 2-1-3 (2 gp)
*Key 02’s, Forward Mathieu Therrien tied for 4th in 02 scoring and defenceman Caelan Russel.
Southwest Cougars 1-2
The Cougars are a young team that seem to compete no matter who they are against. They had two tight games before losing to the Monarchs.   Beat Parkland 4-2, lost to Yellowhead 4-3 and the Monarchs 11-0.
Top point getters: 3 games
Callum Fortin 2-1-3
Landon Roberts (02) 1-2-3
Key 02’s, Forward Landon Roberts tied for 4th in 02 scoring, Trent Sambrook, Tyson Kozak.
Winnipeg Hawks 2-1
The Hawks are not flashy but are effective. Had a real good game with Brandon.  Defence is solid as well as the goaltending.  Hopko and Gotfried have good size and are defensively very sound.  Beat Interlake 9-1, Parkland 7-2 and lost to Brandon 3-2.
Top point getters: 3 games
Brady Lubky 5-1-6
Chase Barkly 1-3-4
Adam Stewart 2-2-4
Andrew Hopko 0-3-3

Nakodan Greyeyes – Should go in the top few rounds of the draft.

Winnipeg Monarchs 3-1
Monarchs stumbled out of the gates this weekend losing to Eastman.  The Monarchs have the most depth and skill in the league but seem to be affected by physical play. However, they are still the team to beat. Michael Ladyman had a big weekend on defence for the Monarchs.  On forward, Tristan Thompson had a big weekend points wise.  Lost 7-4 to Eastman, beat the Capitals 5-2 (one of the best games of the weekend), Norman 18-2 and Southwest 11-0.
Top point getters: 4 games
Tristan Thompson 8-3-11 led the tournament in scoring
Michael Ladyman 4-6-10 led all defencemen in scoring
Nakoden Greyeyes 2-8-10
Eric Fawkes 3-8-10
Ryden Fedyck

Ryden Fedyck

Winnipeg Sharks 1-2
The Sharks weren’t the most skilled team but work hard and like to mix things up.  Blake Burr leads the way offensively and big Ryden Fedyk was a defensive force on the blue line.
Lost 8-1 to Brandon and 5-4 in OT to Eastman, beat Pembina Valley 6-2.
Top point getters: 3 games
Blake Burr 3-2-5
Brandon Ronyck 2-1-3
Jason Kotchon 1-2-3
Winnipeg Warriors 3-1
The Warriors are a solid team that is very consistent throughout their roster.  Jayson Szun was an offensive spark for the Warriors, showing good speed and skill.  Reece Vitelli and Brayden Clark also were strong for the Warriors up front.  Jaquet and Comeau had strong weekend on defence.
Had 3 real good games which were decided by 2 goals or less.  Beat the Capitals 6-5, Eastman 8-6 and Yellowhead 8-2.  Lost to Brandon 4-3 in the 1 vs 2 game.
Top point getters: 4 games
Jayson Szun 5-1-6
Reece Vitelli 5-1-6
Brayden Clark 1-5-6
Miguel Tetrault 3-2-5
Patrick Comeau 0-4-4

Cole Muir (left) – Top power-forward in the province.

Yellowhead Chiefs 2-1 
The Chiefs had a good weekend winning two games by a goal.  Cole Muir is a big power forward who lead the offence for the Chiefs. Chad Nychuk was steady on defence and equalled Muir’s team leading point total. Beat Pembina Valley 5-4, Southwest 4-3 and lost to the Warriors 8-2.
Top point getters: 3 games
Cole Muir 2-1-3
Chad Nychuk 2-1-3
Logan Wotton 1-2-3
Key 02’s: Forward Brodie Wilson, defenceman Reece Richmond
Showcase All-Stars (As voted by our panel of scouts)
F – Justin Svenson – Eastman Selects
F – Eric Fawkes – Winnipeg Monarchs
F – Tristan Thompson – Winnipeg Monarchs
D – Michael Ladyman – Winnipeg Monarchs
D – Brandon MacKenzie (Kochon) – Central Plains Capitals
G – Trent Miner – Brandon Wheat Kings
Showcase 2nd Team All-stars
F – Joey Moffatt – Central Plains Capitals
F – Tristan Robins – Brandon Wheat Kings
F – Nakodan Greyeyes – Winnipeg Monarchs
D – Jonathon Lambos – Winnipeg Monarchs
D – Ryan Gottfried – Winnipeg Hawks
G – Dalton Belluk – Eastman Selects
Manitoba Team Rankings – October 5, 2015
1.  Winnipeg Monarchs
2.  Brandon Wheat Kings
3.  Eastman Selects
4.  Central Plains Capitals
5.  Winnipeg Warriors
6.  Winnipeg Hawks
7.   Yellowhead Chiefs
8.  Winnipeg Sharks
9.   Southwest Cougars
10. Pembina Valley Hawks
11.  Parkland Rangers
12.  Interlake Lightning