Gildon is likely the #1 dman available for the draft.

Gildon is likely the #1 dman available for the draft.

The Interview

Max Gildon

Dallas Stars (Midget AAA)

6’2 155lbs Defenceman

13-14 stats: NA

First off, where have you played your minor hockey and talk about some of your favorite personal and team memories up to this point in your hockey career?

I have played my entire minor hockey here in Dallas. My favorite personal memory would have to be getting an invitation to play in the Brick from the Minnesota Blades. I will remember that experience for the rest of my life. My favorite team memories would have to be playing in nationals twice, the first time when I played up at the 98’s which was also the first year I played defense and the second time with the 99’s.

You have decided to play a level up again this year with the Dallas Stars Elite U16 squad. What is the reason behind playing at a higher level and how do you find the competition so far?

I have always played up a level except for one year with the 99’s. I have always tried at the highest level my talent would allow. The competition is clearly the best I’ve ever played at and I found the speed to be my hardest test yet.

Have you put any thought yet in to what direction you wish to advance your hockey career? Is the WHL an option or will you likely be staying in the US and follow a path their?

The WHL is definitely an option that at some point I would like to pursue but my decisions have always been made on how I feel growth as a player is at the end of the year.

What hockey related activity did you take part in over the summer to get ready for the hockey season?

My midget minor coach gave our team a daily workout plan that I used to get ready for the season and in addition I played basketball in a summer league.

What strengths in your game help separate yourself as an elite defenceman? On the other hand, what weaknesses do you feel you still need to work on?

I believe that my skating ability is my best attribute. I also believe that my vision of the ice is strength. The area that needs the most work is getting pucks through from the point.

Which players in your age group do you respect the most on a skill and/or leadership level of play and why? Who do you find toughest to stop in a 1 on 1 situation?

In my age age group Jordy Bellerive is most the most difficult player that I have had to play against. All my defensive partners are two years older and I look up to every single one of them.

Lastly, who is your favourite NHL hockey player and if you could pick one player to compare your playing style to, who would it be and why?

Drew Doughty. I love the way carries the puck and at the same time still plays great defensively.

The Scouting Report

Name: Max Gildon DOB 5/17/99

Pos Left Defense Height 6’2 Weight 171

Shoots: Left League: Tier 1

Team: Dallas Jr. Stars Elite Viewings: 3

Skating Overall 4.125

Speed 4.5 Agility 4 Foot Speed 3.5 Balance 4.5

Puck Skills Overall 3.83

Stickhandling 4 Puck Protection 4 Board Play 3.5

Passing Skills Overall 4.5

Passing 5 Passing Reception 4

Scoring Skills Overall 3.833

Shot Power 4 Release 4 In Tight Finish 4

One Timing 3.5 Deflections 3.5 Net Front 4

Checking Skills Overall 4.36

Bodychecking 4.5 Stick Checking 4 Angling 4

Aggressiveness 4.5 Net Front 4.5 1v1 Defending 4.5

Gap Control 4.5

Hockey Sense Overall 4.417

Anticipation 4 Vision 5 Poise/Patience 5

Puck Support 4 Offensive Awareness 4.5

Defensive Awareness 4

Character Overall 3.875

Game Work Ethic 4

Practice Work Ethic

Emotional Control 4

Communication 3.5 Team Orientation Consistency 4

Overall Rating 4.13


High end puck moving defenseman, always a game changer when he is on the ice. Although a ’99 playing on a team with mainly ’97’s, Max not only excels but is often the best defensemen on the ice for both teams. Has excellent speed and a great hockey IQ. Anticipates the play very well and supports the play well. Has a great shot from the point is always a danger to score. Compared to other ’99 defensemen, Gildon is in a class of his own. By far the best defenseman in the ’99 class.