Max Gildon

DOB: 5/17/99

Pos: Left Defense      Height 6’2 Weight 171

Shoots: Left       League: Tier 1

Team: Dallas Jr. Stars       Elite Viewings- 3

Skating Overall 4.125

Speed 4.5 Agility 4 Foot Speed 3.5 Balance 4.5

Puck Skills Overall 3.83

Stickhandling 4 Puck Protection 4 Board Play 3.5

Passing Skills Overall 4.5

Passing 5 Passing Reception 4

Scoring Skills Overall 3.833

Shot Power 4 Release 4 In Tight Finish 4

One Timing 3.5 Deflections 3.5 Net Front 4

Checking Skills Overall 4.36

Bodychecking 4.5 Stick Checking 4 Angling 4

Aggressiveness 4.5 Net Front 4.5 1v1 Defending 4.5

Gap Control 4.5

Hockey Sense Overall 4.417

Anticipation 4 Vision 5 Poise/Patience 5

Puck Support 4 Offensive Awareness 4.5

Defensive Awareness


Character Overall 3.875

Game Work


4 Practice Work


Emotional Control


Communication 3.5 Team Orientation Consistency 4

Overall Rating 4.13

Scouting Report

Comments High end puck moving defenseman, always a game changer when he is on the ice. Although a ’99 playing on a team with mainly ’97’s, Max not only excels but is often the best defensemen on the ice for both teams. Has excellent speed and a great hockey IQ. Anticipates the play very well and supports the play well. Has a great shot from the point is always a danger to score. Compared to other ’99 defensemen, Gildon is in a class of his own. By far the best defenseman in the ’99 class.

Name of Scout Frank Robledo

Scout’s E-mail