Possible pool winners Roster Spotlight 

Rink Hockey Academy  

Carson Lambos D, has been a player at or near the top of scouts lists all season. This big powerful D-man can skate and defend like no other. His vision on the ice compliments his athleticism and playmaking abilities. He posses a great point shot and makes plays at a high rate of speed. At 6’0 and 181lbs Carson can be an intimidating presence on the blueline and will certainly be in the conversation for a first overall pick in the 2018 WHL draft. 

Eric Alarie F – Eric continues to have a great season offensively for his team. Big in stature and character Eric is a positive contributor at both ends of the ice for his Rink team. His big frame along with his great skill and skating will see him drafted in the first round of the WHL draft 2018 

Tyler Brennan G– Tyler might be one of the first goalies picked in the 2018 WHL Draft. At 6’2 Brennan covers the net well but its his great movement and ability to read and react that have Scouts interested in him. Tyler is putting together a great season so far and can be a huge difference maker at the JRM.  

Hudson Thornton D– Hudson is a highly ranked prospect that is sure to be a late first round or early second round pick in the upcoming 2018 WHL draft. What stands out immediately about Hudson is his skating ability. Very quick to pucks with the ability to be very evasive and move the puck are skills that will surely be an asset as he continues to grow and develop. His on ice vision coupled with speed and a tenacious work ethic will serve him well as he moves forward in his hockey career. 

Owen Wiehs F – Owen is an agile skater that can move laterally very well and has great scoring and playmaking abilities in the offensive zone. His ability to skate to open ice and change speed and direction causes nightmares for opposing defenceman. Owen will be a good candidate to contribute in Major Junior and should hear his name called in the early rounds of 2018.  

Skyler Bruce F – Skyler is a highly skilled forward that can skate and score. His puck handling ability is a very noticeable talent when you see him play. Smaller in stature Skyler plays with an edge and his skating ability coupled with great balance often catches other players off guard. Skyler will have to raise his game along with other teammates for Rink to capture the John Reid title this year.

Difference makers 

Jaxon Taupert G – Jaxon is another solid Goaltender that has peaked scouts interest. Often overlooked by the performance and rankings of Tyler Brennan, Jaxon could be the difference maker in this tournament. He has the ability to steal games against top teams and could use his ability to do just that in the John Reid.  

Keenan Allen F – Keenan has put together a solid 2017-2018 campaign and remains ranked within the 2nd or 3rd round picks for the upcoming draft. Capable of raising his game at the right times Keenan may be the guy to score those deciding goals that could push Rink over the top in this tournament.  

Honorable mentions – Michael Svenson F, Jared Chapel D, and Keenan Allen F 

OHA Edmonton  

Sean Tschigerl F– is a player that scouts are constantly talking about. A big powerful forward who can skate and has great vison on the ice is sure to be a factor for this team. His on-ice awareness and pure playmaking abilities makes him a distinct threat on the powerplay. Opposing teams that are frequenting the penalty box will surely see his ability to create with the man advantage.  

Corson Ceulemans D– Might be one of the best offensive defenseman at the John Reid. Great skating and fantastic acceleration are hard to defend when he has open ice in front of him. An excellent point shot and good game sense makes him a threat to score every shift. An early first round pick is where we see him.  

Colton Dach F – Colton is a key contributor for OHA this season and brings a powerful presence to a large and speedy OHA team. Colton is a crafty playmaker and can be a force on the cycle down low. He is a great skater and plays hard every shift. He will certainly be a big factor in OHA success in the John Reid this year. Colton is a sure-fire pick for the early rounds in the upcoming draft. 

Josh Medernach F – Josh is a speedy winger that has exceptional scoring ability and knows where to be to score goals. His skating ability coupled with his strength are noticeable when watching him. He can raise his level of play when its needed the most and this is a big reason why he will be an early rounds pick along with other top end teammates.  

Tyson Laventure F – Another big powerful forward that OHA have on their roster. Scouts are impressed with Tyson’s development and he is a player that has trended up over the last two years. Another Lloydminster product that has moved over to OHA to further his hockey career. Tyson will surely be a pick this spring but has some work to do should he hope to move into the early round.  

Kyle Masters D – Solid defensive defenseman is how our scouts describe Kyle. A decent sized stay at home D-man that reads and reacts very well to the play. Hard to play against along the boards and a solid transition player. Look for Kyle to get drafted in round 2 or 3.  

Difference makers 

Oscar Plandowski D – Scouting reports on Oscar have him as being undervalued. Oscar can be a difference maker in this tournament and his defensive play is often overlooked given the top defensive talent on this team. Oscar is a shutdown player that can have a dramatic effect on opposing players ability to score. Oscar is from Eastern Canada so he isn’t available for the draft however.

Josh Hoekstra F – Josh is a big bodied forward that can play at both ends of the ice. Another player that has caught the attention of our scouts as a possible pick that is being undervalued. His defensive awareness and contributions to move the puck efficiently and effectively often go unrecognized. His value will be identified during this tournament and could be a player that scores a deciding goal for his team.  

Honorable mentions – Jonah Bevington F, Evan Waldie F, Jeremy Hancock D, Olen Zellweger D, Ethan Nietsch G 

Airdrie Xtreme  

Craig Armstrong F – Craig has been a catalyst for his team all year. When the chips are down and the team needs a spark it seems Armstrong is the guy to raise his game and get his team a big goal. His skating ability and elusiveness with the puck is uncanny couple this with an unreal shot and we see Craig as a top ten pick in the upcoming draft.  

Ty Mueller F – One of the best technical skaters in this age category. Ty has been pouring it on recently after an upper body injury slowed his start to the season. A six-point game this past weekend has him working his way up the leader board for scoring in AMBHL. Ty will undoubtedly make a valuable contribution to his team this tournament and with players like him realizing their potential Airdrie will be a hard team to beat. Ty has knowledgeable scouts ranking him as a late first round pick.  

Tristan Zandee F – another Airdrie player that is a powerful skater and is coming on strong. Tristan had a slow start to the season from a scoring standpoint but has worked his way into the top 15 again. Tristan is a short-handed threat and if you give him space you will find yourself looking at the numbers on the back of his jersey followed shortly by a red goal light. Look for Zandee to work his way into a first-round selection this spring. 

Keegan Slaney D – Keegan looks to be another Xtreme player that could work his way into a first-round selection. He is a gifted skater with a great shot and good mobility on the line with a knack for finding lanes. Keegan has scouts watching closely and our reports indicate he will crack the top round. The only criticism for Keegan is the need to move the puck more often and quicker in his end. We are sure this will help him find the first round this spring.  

Nathan Airey G – Nathan has been a big part of the Xtreme’s success to this point. He has great movement in the net and can read and react equally as well. Our scouts feel that Nathan is just starting to develop and could hit the 6’2 or more when he’s fully matured. Nathan will most certainly hear his name this spring and we feel earlier than some expect.  

Tegan Skehar D – Tegan has been a solid contributor to this team and may be flying under the radar. His exceptional skating and ability to close the gap on opposing forwards makes him a great addition to the high-end talent on this team. Once again, our scouts feel Tegan is just starting his growth curve and look for him to become more dominant in the coming years.  

Difference makers 

Kellan Bates – Two scouts that attended the Chilliwack tournament speak very highly of this kid. A big solid power forward just shy of 6’0 that can skate and has skill and is very difficult to play against. Kellan seems to raise his game vs the powerhouse teams which is a trait scouts have taken notice of. A solid two-way player that our scouts say has gotten better as the years progressed. Look for Bates to be a possible late round pick.   

Colton Koran – A solid two-way player that creates nightmares for opposing D men in their own zone. Koran is a tenacious player that hunts down loose pucks. He has a quick release shot that he can get off under pressure and can score from the tough areas not all forwards like to go to.Koran will surely garner some attention at this tournament and could find his name called late rounds this spring.  

Honorable mentions – Brett Moravec F, Jacob Srigley D, Rhett Parsons D, and Freddie Halyk G. 

Yale Hockey Academy 

Logan Stankoven F. Logan is a leader and a top prospect that will most likely go in the first 5 picks of the 2018 Draft. His skating ability and acceleration is unparalleled among his peers. He is a pure goal scorer and can dramatically affect the outcome of the game. Some scouts feel he may have NHL potential. His vision on the ice is second to none and at times he seems years ahead of the other players.  

Jake Chiasson F – Our scouts speak very highly of Jake both as a leader and a star forward for Yale. Jake is a big body that plays a 200ft game. His defensive ability is only outdone by his offensive capabilities. Jake is a sure bet to be drafted in the first round and could play a big role in Yale’s success during the John Reid.  

Kobe Verbicky F– Kobe is another strong Yale forward in the first-round conversation. He is an exceptional skater with great playmaking abilities. A clear threat on odd man rushes both with and without the puck. Kobe has turned scout’s heads with his game play and will certainly be a significant contributor to Yale’s performance in this tournament. Kobe is a big game player so look for him to be hungry in the big games.  

Nolan Bentham D – Bentham is a big D that can contribute both offensively and defensively. He is a good skater and moves the puck very well to Yale’s top end forwards. Nolan has climbed up the draft list and has garnered our scouts attention. He will surely find himself drafted this Spring.  

Zach Funk F – Zach is a big solid power forward with great scoring abilities. He can make opposing D fear being first to the puck in their end and is great at retrieving pucks along the boards. His skill and skating are two attributes that will guide him into the next level of hockey. Funk will certainly get drafted in 2018 and our scouts feel he will be a high second round pick with continued success.  

Tyson Galloway D – Tyson is a big strong D that uses his size to his advantage. Another highly ranked player from this Yale team will make opposing forwards think twice about crossing his blue line. An excellent puck mover with a cannon from the point. Galloway is a huge threat on the Powerplay and can play in all situations. The Kamloops BC native will surely be selected in the first couple rounds this spring.  

Difference makers  

Liam Vanderkooi G – Liam is a big goalie that is highly ranked by most scouting professionals. His ability to cover the net and track pucks is second to none. He is agile and very athletic when combined with his size offers little for opposing forwards to shoot at. He is solid technically and should be a big part of Yale’s success in this tournament.  

Ashton Taylor F – Ashton has fit in nicely with the other top Yale forwards. He makes the players around him better and is a good playmaker. He is a good skater and is very skilled. He finds open ice and is one of those players that can have a big impact in those big games. Don’t be surprised to see him score a big goal in this tournament.  

Honorable Mentions – Devin Benson D, Parker Bell F, Wyatt Wilson D.