The Hockey Manitoba Winnipeg AAA All Star Day will take place tomorrow (Saturday, January 13th) at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg beginning at 9 AM with a Bantam 2 (2004 Born) skills competition and game and outstanding player awards.  Then at 11:15 AM the Bantam 1 (2003 born) group will do the same, wrapping up at 2:45 PM with outstanding player awards.

Although many of the top 2003 born prospects from Manitoba are on the Rink Hockey Academy team, thus not taking part in the All Star Day festivities, we still have 16 WEHP ranked players in the B1 game to watch and others who may crack the rankings moving forward.  The B2 group will feature upwards of 25 WEHP ranked players on our current list.

Winnipeg B1 All Star Day Rosters (No Top 04’s invited such as Zimmer and Geekie who lead their teams in scoring)


1. CATELLIER, Jayden Eastman Selects – Has a 2.30 GAA and a .917% this season.
35. PLOWMAN, Cole Winnipeg Hawks – Great numbers with a 2.38 GAA and .905%
2. HOOKER, Hughie Winnipeg Monarchs – Among the league leaders in dman scoring with 12-12-24 in 22 GP.
3. TEASDALE, Tyler Winnipeg Monarchs – Has 5-10-15 in 25 GP.
4. BRENTON, Lucas Winnipeg Sharks – Big defender who has put up good numbers with 6-10-16 in 24 GP.
5. JOHNSON, Ethan Winnipeg Sharks – Has 3-11-14 in 24 GP for the Sharks.
6. MELO, Kyle Eastman Selects – Talented defenseman, ranked who is also among league dman scoring leaders 15-11-26.
7. CRAVE, Michael Interlake Lightning – Ranked player with 2-6-8 in 27 GP.
8. NEILL, Rory Winnipeg Hawks – Is near the top in league scoring and this ranked player has 20-33-53.
9. PASTERNAK, Dawson Winnipeg Hawks – His 11-23-34 is 4th in team scoring.
10. HALAMANDARIS, Carter Winnipeg Monarchs – Among the league leaders with 25-23-48 in 24 GP.
11. BIELIK, Joey Winnipeg Monarchs – Is 2nd in team scoring with 33 points in 24 GP.
12. GORCHYNSKI, Dean Winnipeg Monarchs – Tied for 2nd in team scoring with 33 points in 25 GP.
14. ROULETTE, Conner Winnipeg Hawks – Leads the league by far in scoring with 36-36-72 in 24 GP!  High ranked player.
15. GOODBRANDSON, Nate Winnipeg Hawks – Near the top of the scoring race with 20-34-54.
16. LaBOSSIERE, Cabrel Eastman Selects – Leads team in scoring by far with 19-20-39 in 19 GP.
17. THIESSEN, Brandon Eastman Selects – Has 10-9-19 in 21 GP this season.
18. TATARYN, Brett Interlake Lightning – Leads team in scoring with 18-10-28.
19. BEAR, Colby Interlake Lightning – 2nd in team scoring with 13-13-26.
20. HUMINUK, Branden Winnipeg Sharks – His 20 goals are among the league leaders and 2nd on the first place Sharks.
21. CATELLIER, Mathieu Winnipeg Sharks – Among the league’s scoring leaders with 22-26-48 in 24 GP. Nice season.
22. BUTLER, Paison Winnipeg Warriors- Cy Young candidate with 20-2-22.  His 20 goals are 10 more than next best on team.


1. REID, Eric Southwest Cougars – Has a 3.24 GAA and a .869%.
35. WOTTON, Tresor Yellowhead Chiefs – Has a 2.82 and a .898%
2. HARRIS, Owen Southwest Cougars – Has 1-4-5 in 20 GP.
3. WICKHAM, Nolan Southwest Cougars – His 6-14-20 are among the leagues dman scoring leaders.
4. HUNT, Trevor Southwest Cougars – Nice season with 15 points in 17 GP.
5. BAZIN, Roux Pembina Valley Hawks – Has 15-4-19 in 20 GP this season.
6. YOUNG, Brandt Yellowhead Chiefs – Leads league dmen in scoring with 3-27-30.
7. STANICK, Sloan Yellowhead Chiefs – 2nd in team scoring with 19-19-38.
8. BROOK, Aidan Parkland Rangers – Good defenseman, ranked, has 2-10-12 this season.
9. LACQUETTE, Hayden Parkland Rangers – Defenseman with 4-9-13 in 24 GP.
10. BORODY, Riley Central Plains Capitals – Ranked player, having a nice season with 15-17-32.
11. CRANE, Trent Pembina Valley Hawks – High ranked MB prospect.  Leads team by far with 30-14-44 in 25 GP.
12. BOTTERILL, Ryan Central Plains Capitals – Leads team in scoring with 21-14-35.
14. ANDREW, Dalton Brandon Wheat Kings – Leads Brandon in scoring with 16-11-27.  Could be a draft pick.
15. WOTTON, Colby Yellowhead Chiefs – 2nd in team scoring with 18-20-38 in 25 GP.
16. WOOD, Briley Yellowhead Chiefs – 20-16-36 in 26 GP.
17. TWEET, Wyatt Parkland Rangers – Has 6-9-15 in 23 GP.
18. LEWIS, Braeden Southwest Cougars – Good numbers with 13-15-28 in just 16 GP.
19. WALLACE, Hunter Southwest Cougars – Has 12-8-20 in 21 GP.
20. LANE, Grady Southwest Cougars – Has 15-9-24 in 22 GP.
21. THOMPSON, Joshua Parkland Rangers – 2nd on his team in goals with 14.
22. BERTHOLET, Chase Norman Wolves- Leads team in scoring and among league leaders with 26-30-56.

Winnipeg B2 All Star Day Rosters

1. RIESZ, Noah Winnipeg Warriors
35. KIEPER, Matthew Winnipeg Sharks
2. HYRA, Aidan Winnipeg Warriors
3. DODGSON, Tyler Winnipeg Warriors
4. KIESMAN, Dayton Winnipeg Warriors
5. BELZA, Jayden Winnipeg Sharks
6. BONNI, Ben Winnipeg Sharks
7. UNRAU, Dobie Winnipeg Sharks
8. ZAGARI, Sam Winnipeg Warriors
9. BOUVIER, Miguel Winnipeg Warriors
10. WILLIMENT, Ethan Winnipeg Warriors
11. NEWMAN, Landon Winnipeg Warriors
12. FRIESEN, Evan Winnipeg Sharks
14. McKAY, Demelash Winnipeg Sharks
15. FAST, Joshua Winnipeg Sharks
16. HINKEL-LYSAK, Peyton Winnipeg Sharks
17. REYNOLDS, Kalen Winnipeg Sharks


1. NESS, Andrew Winnipeg Monarchs
35. SAVOIE, Owen Winnipeg Hawks
2. FRIESEN, Deshon Winnipeg Hawks
3. MARTENS, Dylan Winnipeg Hawks
4. WADDELL, Jaden Winnipeg Monarchs
5. RUFF, Jason Winnipeg Monarchs
6. FOLEY, Liam Winnipeg Monarchs
7. COURT, Sam Winnipeg Monarchs
8. RUSSELL, Liam Winnipeg Hawks
9. GRYSIUK, Kyle Winnipeg Hawks
10. LENOSKI, Nathan Winnipeg Hawks
11. GARDNER, Daimon Winnipeg Monarchs
12. BENNETT, Jesiah Winnipeg Monarchs
14. GRUENER, Keefe Winnipeg Monarchs
15. CICEK, Michael Winnipeg Monarchs
16. GUBERMAN, Nicholas Winnipeg Monarchs
17. RINGOR, Ryder Winnipeg Monarchs

The AMBHL All Star Game will take place tomorrow as well in Grand Prairie, AB beginning at 11:00 AM.  Here are the rosters for the game.


Myles Hilman – Red Deer Rebels – Talented forward, ranked player and leads team in goals and points with 18-9-27 in 24 GP.

Kai Uchacz – Okotoks Oilers – Having a great year and leads Okotoks with 21-14-35 in 25 GP.  Ranked player.

Tristan Zandee – Airdrie Xtreme – Ranked player who is picking up his game and has 12-22-34 in 26 GP.

Craig Armstrong – Airdrie Xtreme – Ranked player who leads his team in goals and points with 19-18-37 in 24 GP with 65 PIMS.  He’s 5th in AMBHL scoring.

Bowden Singleton – Calgary Bisons (2004 Born) – One of the top 04’s in western Canada.  18th in league scoring with 16-16-32 in 25 GP.

Jayden Grubbe – Calgary Bisons – Top power forward available for the Bantam Draft.  Leads AMBHL in scoring with 21-26-47 in 25 GP with 56 PIMS.

Dylan James – Calgary Bisons – 4th in the AMBHL scoring race, ranked player with 18-26-44 in 26 GP.

Mason Mowat – SEAC Tigers – The SEAC representative is 4th in team scoring with 9-5-14 in 23 GP.

Nolan Price – Lethbridge Golden Hawks – Leads team in goals and points with 18-17-35 in 26 GP.  Should be a draft pick.

Dean Spak – Calgary Northstar Sabres – Coming off an MVP performance at a recent tournament.  Leads team in every offensive category.  Fairly high ranked player.

Jayden Davis – Calgary Flames – Leads a struggling Flames team with 13-11-24 in 22 GP with 52 PIMS.  Ranked player.

Owen MacNeil – Calgary Royals – Offensive catalyst and ranked player from the Royals.  Leads team with 18-15-33 in 24 GP.


Bosten Lajeunesse – Red Deer Rebel Chiefs – Leads the defense for Red Deer with 5-11-16 in 26 GP.  Should be a draft pick.

Dru Krebs – Okotoks Oilers –  Brother of 2016 1st overall pick Peyton and current Hitmen D – Dakota.  Krebs is a solid defender who can chip in with 5-8-13 in 24 GP to lead the Okotoks defense.

Warren Marcotte – Calgary Royals – Returning from injury.  One of the leagues top offensive defenseman at the time of his injury with 11 points in 13 GP.

Charlie Wright – Red Deer Rebel Chiefs – Has 2-11-13 in 26 GP for Red Deer this year.  Solid defenseman.

Kent Anderson – Calgary Northstar Sabres – Big defenseman who is ranked for the draft.  Leads the Northstar Sabres from the backend.

Keagan Slaney – Airdrie Xtreme – One of the top defenseman in the entire AMBHL and also leads AMBHL defenseman in points with 7-16-23 in 25 GP.

Graydon Gotaas – Camrose Red Wings (2004 Born) – High end 04 born defenseman in Alberta.  Good offensive player and high ranked in his age group.

Carson Haynes – Lethbridge Golden Hawks – Good sized defenseman with good offensive potential who should be a pretty high draft pick.


Marek Pocherewny – Calgary Bisons – Leads the AMBHL in every goaltending category at 11-0-2 with a 1.00 GAA and a .952%!

Nicholas Jones – Calgary Bisons (2004 Born) – Perhaps the top 04 goalie available for the draft.  Has a 1.69 GAA and a .913%.

Nathan Airey – Airdrie Xtreme – Has not lost a game in the AMBHL at 9-0-3, 4th in GAA at 1.82 and 3rd in save percentage at .929.  High ranked goalie.

North Division All Stars


Koehn Ziemmer – Spruce Grove PAC (2004 Born) – Leads his team and AMBHL in goals with 23.  Tied for team lead in points and 4th in the league with 36.

Adam Raesler – Edmonton SSAC – Leads his team in goals by a good margin with 11 and 3rd in points with 15.

Tyson Greenway – St. Albert Sabres – Tied for team lead in goals with 16.  7th in league scoring with 34 points.

Evan Forrest – Spruce Grove PAC – Tied for team lead in points with 36 and tied for 4th in the league.

Ethan Sundar – St. Albert Sabres – Leads team in goals and points with 16-20-36.  Tied for 4th in league scoring.

James Gibson – Edmonton CAC – Leads his team in goals, assists and points.  Is 2nd in league scoring with 39 points.

Jayden Watson – GPAC Storm – Leads his team in goals with 16 and points with 29.

Blake Eastman – Fort Saskatchewan Rangers – Is 2nd in team scoring behind 04 born Jordan Gustafson.

Blake Roche – Leduc Oil Kings – Leads Leduc in goals with 12 and is 3rd in team points with 18 in 17GP.

Tanner Scott – Sherwood Park Flyers (2004 Born) – 2nd in team scoring with 8-14-22 in 24GP.

Charlie Moses – Edmonton KC – Has 5-3-8 in 23 GP this season.

Ben Gonie – Sherwood Park Flyers – Leads his team in scoring with 13-15-28.  17th in league scoring.


Colby Perrin – Leduc Oil Kings – Has 4-3-7 in 20GP this season.

Max Mills – Lloydminster Bobcats – Has 2-11-13 in 23GP.  Tied for team lead in dman scoring.

Reagan Sweeney – Edmonton CAC – Has 5 points in 22 games this season.

Wyatt Day – GPAC Storm – Is 2nd in AMBHL dman scoring with 6-12-18 in 23 GP.

Brendan Lee – Edmonton MLAC – Has 1-11-12 to by far lead his team in dman scoring.

Kalen Strawberry – Leduc Oil Kings – Has 2-4-6 in 20GP this season.

Colby Ball – Sherwood Park Flyers – Leads his team in dman scoring with 6-10-16 in 23 GP.

David Saunders – St. Albert Sabres – Leads his team in dman goals with 8 and 2nd in dman points with 14.