There has been an every growing demand as our inbox has been flooded with requests for personalized scouting reports. Sometimes, during a game, the focus is on 35 players and during this new platform we will assign a scout specifically to scout 1 player! Once you contact us, we will line up one of our scouts to come do a full personalized scouting report, you pay WEHP as to line up, appoint a scout and have them come watch one of your up coming games. The scout will fill out and watch for key areas that the majority of WHL scouts are looking for which include the “3 S’s” – SKATING, SENSE and SKILL and recommend areas to be worked on. A follow up report can be schedule as we will have packages for 3 reports or for just 1. When the game is complete, the report will be formatted and sent back within 24-48 hours. The report is then yours to share, print, or even have WEHP post it in our newsletter or right here in this section for everyone to see, it is your choice!

Lastly, once you pick your plan from the side bar subscriptions area, I will receive notification and will line up a game with the parent or subscriber. You may also contact me at, through the website or text to 306-314-7820 for more information.