Sask First North Evaluations

Team 1

Highly ranked defensive pairing of Allan and Prosofsky comes out of the shoot hot with Prosofsky laying some vicious body and creating some good offensive chances. He will have to watch his offensive flair does not get him caught upstream but he sees the ice well. Allan concentrating a little more on offense at this point but a very good transitional game and can jump in the rush. Upfront, Nicholls leads the forwards as a jack of all trades with a big tool kit. Good speed and power forward role along the boards creating opportunity.

Team 2
A solid big backend for team two. Schneider looking good early on with solid play. Hoffrogge the more mobile of the two waiting to jump in on the rush and create offense. Upfront Klassen’s good hands in tight keep him an offense threat at all times and Hodson can lend some good secondary offense setting up in the house.

Team 3
Liam Bell has looked great on the back both creating offense and playing great defense. He is a big player and a big threat forwards and backwards. Larocque adds a great amount of size and strength to the back end being difficult to play against and able to force his way through most situations. Up front, Ferster reads the ice well and is in the right spot at the right time. That’s just part of his intrigue however as he has size and plays a good 200 foot game. Karter McNarland is a similar player with good size and a excellent work ethic.

Team 4
Does not have the elite defensive prospects that some teams have but Barlage and Weber make a solid backend. Barlage is a smart player who sees plays developing and can make sure he beats the puck there. Weber has a bomb of a shot. Cox leads with his size and grit upfront however misses the added offensive push of his top ranked linemates he is used to. Fafard is a notable mention working hard every shift despite his size. Good work ethic and good hands.

Team 5
Bairos has been simply amazing and our top offensive D pick of the tourney to this point. Not the biggest defensemen you will ever come across but his ability to rush, avoid trouble, and create offensive opportunities are a joy to watch. He is complemented by a long reach stay at home Dman in Hancock. Up front, Heintz has looked good. He has a rocket of a shot and his size and strength let him easily control many situations other forwards have to battle for.

Team 6
Mohr has looked good on the back and one of the more underrated D around. Offensive drive was lead by good size and speed from Sanderson and Hansen with good first games.

Team 7
Neumeier and Hvidston bring up the back and both can create offense. Bernauer has drove the front end with a good complement of speed, hockey iq, and shot. Good offensive support and grind with big players in Cumming and Hilbig to this point. Cumming with a big shot and can be punishing physically.

Team 8
Buckberger has played a solid defensive game on the back with crafty Olson and hardworking Slugoski leading the front end so far.

Saturday SBAAHL Roundup

Saturday SBAAHL Roundup

Sask Valley Vipers 11 – Swift Current Kabos Raiders 1

Sask Valley Vipers:  2-0-0  18GF,  2GA

  • Holden Knights (2-3-5), Nolan Doell (2-3-5) and Jerzy Orchard (3 G).
  • G – Tyler Peterson stopped 25/26.
  • Nolan Doell leads the team in scoring with (3-4-7) in 2 games.  Jerzy Orchard leads with (4 G).
  • Both goalies Woodside and Peterson have started and allowed 1 goal each.

Swift Current Kabos Raiders:  1-1-0  6GF,  13GA

  • Matthew Christianson with the lone goal.
  • G – Brad Nyen started and all allowed 4 goals on 8 shots.  Jacob Herman 22/29 stops.
  • Aaron Toews leads the team in scoring with 2-2-4 in 2 games.  Matthew Christianson with 2 goals.
  • G – Brad Nyen has allowed 6 goals in 74 mins played.

Humboldt Broncos 2 – Saskatoon Stallions 1

Humboldt Broncos:  2-0-0  10GF,  3GA

  • Logan Barlage (1-1-2) and Cael Zimmerman (1 G)
  • G – Corbin Christianson stopped 24/25 shots.
  • Logan Barlage leads team in scoring through 2 games with 4-5-9.  Cael Zimmerman (4 G)

Saskatoon Stallions:  0-1-0  1GF,  2GA

  • Alex Morozoff with the goal.
  • Rayce Ramsay stopped 61/63 shots faced!

West Central Wheat Kings 7 – Prince Albert Venice House Raiders 4

West Central Wheat Kings:  1-2-0  13GF,  19GA

  • Casey McDonald (2-2-4), Jaxon Georget (2-1-3), Ty Bahm (1-2-3), Tye Scherger (0-3-3)
  • G – Hudson Killam  31/35 shots stopped
  • Casey McDonald leads the team in scoring with (3-4-7) in 3 games.

Prince Albert Venice House Raiders:  1-1-0  8GF,  10GA

  • Nic Prediger (1-1-2), 02 – Ben Zultok (1-1-2) and Brennon Paranteau (1-1-2).
  • G – Grant Alexander stopped 27/34 shots faced.
  • 02 Ben Zultok leads team in scoring with (1-3-4) in 2 games.  Jackson Kowblick, Brennon Paranteau (2-1-3)

Regina Monarchs 5 – Saskatoon Outlaws 4

Regina Monarchs:  1-0-0  5GF,  4GA

  • Carson Whyte, 02 Davin Griffin, Cole Hudy, Matthew Shewchuk (1-1-2).

Saskatoon Outlaws:  1-2-0  15GF,  15GA

  • Connor Zary (1-1-2).
  • Connor Zary leads the team in scoring with 5-5-10 through 3 games.  Jagger Prosofsky (3 G).

Weyburn Crescent Point Wings 6 – Moose Jaw Warriors 3

Weyburn Crescent Point Wings:  2-0-0  10GF,  6GA

  • 02 Ethan Ernst (2-1-3), Jonah Regier, Noah Altwasser, Steven Kesslering (1-1-2).
  • G – Kobe Kmita stopped 24/27 shots.
  • 02 Ethan Ernst leads the team in scoring with 4-2-6 in 2 games.

Moose Jaw Warriors:  0-2-0  3GF,   9GA

  • D – Nolan Jones (2 G), Noah Braun (0-2-2)
  • G – Wiley Cozac stopped 11/16 in 2 periods.  Bryan Thomson stopped 13/14 in the 3rd.
  • D – Nolan Jones leads with 2 goals in 2 games.

North East Wolfpack 13 – Melville Millionaires 1

North East Wolfpack:  1-1-0  15GF,  9GA

  • Parker Fofanoff (5 G), Luc Marleau (1-4-5), Cameron Norum (2 G), Rylan Donald (3 A), Josh Baranieski (1-2-3).
  • G – Tanner Martin stopped 8/9 shots faced.
  • Parker Fofanoff and Luc Marleau lead with 5 points each.

Melville Millionaires:  0-1-0  1GF,  13GA

  • Sheydon Woodhouse with the goal.
  • G – Aiden Elmy stopped 39/52 shots faced.

Estevan Bruins 4 – Battlefords Barons 4

Estevan Bruins:  1-0-1  11GF,   9GA

  • Mason Strutt (hat-trick), Dalton Schrader (1-1-2)
  • G – Morgan Wanner stopped 32/36 shots faced.
  • Mason Strutt leads the team in scoring with 6-2-8 in 2 games.

Battlefords Barons:  0-1-0  4GF,  4GA

  • Skylar Olsen (2 G).
  • G – Zev Genereaux stopped 23/27 shots faced.