Okanagan Hockey Academy

OHA SchoolAt the Okanagan Hockey Academy our primary focus is to promote the long term development of each of our athletes in the classroom, on the ice, and in the community. Putting young, motivated people in a structured environment surrounded by a world class staff and support system, allows us to deliver a consistent message and value system that we feel is imperative to the long term development of our students.

The commitment to excellence in all areas is what makes the Okanagan Hockey Academy a tremendous opportunity for any young and aspiring hockey player.

Pursuit of Excellence

POE Hockey AcademyAt Pursuit of Excellence the On-Ice Program moves from the technique stage to applying this technique at top speed while shooting, passing, stickhandling and checking in game simulated drills. Good skating technique is useless to hockey players unless they can apply it in game situations.

Even when players have ingrained the proper skating technique into their skating style, sometimes they will still not perform in game situations with the increased raw speed that they now possess. Usually, the problem revolves around the fact that players have not been trained to use their speed, to think, and to read the ice, all at the same time.