Daily Sask Challenge Peewee Cup Player Profile – Jackson McLeod

Today, we will look at Winnipeg Twins goalie Jackson McLeod who will play a big part in the success the Winnipeg Twins may have at the Sask Challenge Cup.  The Twins are 2nd in the Winnipeg City Peewee league at 11-5-0.

Jackson McLeod – Goale of the Winnipeg Twins.

Jackson McLeod – Winnipeg Twins


May 2, 2005

First off, where have you played all of your minor hockey and what have been some of your favorite personal and team memories in hockey for you so far?

I’ve played for Fort Gary North Hockey association since I was 5, started out as a player and became a goaltender when I was 8 years old. I played my minor Peewee and  currently Peewee for the Winnipeg Twins AA.  My favorite memory so far was when I first became a goaltender full time.

How has your 2017/2018 went so far?  What are you hoping to accomplish for the remainder of the season?

Currently our team is in second place in the WMHA AA Peewee division, I’ve had two shutouts,6 wins 2 losses with a GAA 2.57 and a save percentage of .900.  My goals for the remainder of the season is to help our team win the city AA championship, increase my save percentage up to .950 and to improve overall.

Who has made the biggest impact on your hockey career so far whether it be coaches, family members etc.?

I’ve had the benefit of working with a number of goalie coaches as part of the GDI program here in Winnipeg and feel ive improved the most with their help.

Talk a bit about what you enjoy doing away from the rink to taker a breather during a business hockey season?  Is it hard to combine hockey and school?

I like to snowboard in the winter, wakeboard in the summer when I’m not in hockey camps and go to the Out Door Rink whenever I can  (as a player).  My schoolwork is very intense with a lot of homework, however it is a priority and manage to juggle both my hockey and school ensuring I excel at both.

What are some of the other strengths in your game that help set you apart from your peers? On the other hand, what weaknesses do you feel still need the most work?

As strengths, I believe I have good hand eye coordination, rebound control and positioning.  I would like to work on my puck playing ability, and always see the need to improve on my overall game.

Who is the player(s) in your age group that you respect the most on a skill and/or leadership level and why?

Rhett Marchant (Teammate)….Our most skilled player on the Twins, very fast.  Oman Harmacy (Competitive team Defense  player)…..smart player with a hard snap shot.  Lucas Hansen (Competitive team Defense  player)….overall player, smart with great hands and a hard shot, always a threat while on the ice

What can you tell the readers about yourself that likely very few people know about you?  Superstitions etc.?  Have you had any relatives play high levels of hockey?

I never wear dress shoes when I go to the rink (I wear runners), I stretch by myself for warm up.  Currently my older brother plays in the CSSHL with the RHA Nationals E15 as a forward (moved from defense to forward his first year of AAA) and is listed with the Steinbach Pistons

AMBHL North All-Star Team Announced

AMBHL North All-Star Team Announced

The AMBHL North roster has become available to us.  Each team must be represented as per AMBHL rules.  We hope to have the South roster by day’s end.


Koehn Ziemmer – Spruce Grove PAC (2004 Born) – Leads his team and AMBHL in goals with 23.  Tied for team lead in points and 4th in the league with 36.

Adam Raesler – Edmonton SSAC – Leads his team in goals by a good margin with 11 and 3rd in points with 15.

Tyson Greenway – St. Albert Sabres – Tied for team lead in goals with 16.  7th in league scoring with 34 points.

Evan Forrest – Spruce Grove PAC – Tied for team lead in points with 36 and tied for 4th in the league.

Ethan Sundar – St. Albert Sabres – Leads team in goals and points with 16-20-36.  Tied for 4th in league scoring.

James Gibson – Edmonton CAC – Leads his team in goals, assists and points.  Is 2nd in league scoring with 39 points.

Jayden Watson – GPAC Storm – Leads his team in goals with 16 and points with 29.

Blake Eastman – Fort Saskatchewan Rangers – Is 2nd in team scoring behind 04 born Jordan Gustafson.

Blake Roche – Leduc Oil Kings – Leads Leduc in goals with 12 and is 3rd in team points with 18 in 17GP.

Tanner Scott – Sherwood Park Flyers (2004 Born) – 2nd in team scoring with 8-14-22 in 24GP.

Charlie Moses – Edmonton KC – Has 5-3-8 in 23 GP this season.

Ben Gonie – Sherwood Park Flyers – Leads his team in scoring with 13-15-28.  17th in league scoring.


Colby Perrin – Leduc Oil Kings – Has 4-3-7 in 20GP this season.

Max Mills – Lloydminster Bobcats – Has 2-11-13 in 23GP.  Tied for team lead in dman scoring.

Reagan Sweeney – Edmonton CAC – Has 5 points in 22 games this season.

Wyatt Day – GPAC Storm – Is 2nd in AMBHL dman scoring with 6-12-18 in 23 GP.

Brendan Lee – Edmonton MLAC – Has 1-11-12 to by far lead his team in dman scoring.

Kalen Strawberry – Leduc Oil Kings – Has 2-4-6 in 20GP this season.

Colby Ball – Sherwood Park Flyers – Leads his team in dman scoring with 6-10-16 in 23 GP.

David Saunders – St. Albert Sabres – Leads his team in dman goals with 8 and 2nd in dman points with 14.


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