WEHP Release Provincial All-Star Teams For First Half

WEHP Release Provincial All-Star Teams For First Half

We are pleased this morning to release our provincial All-Star teams.  After much debate and a few close decisions at the end, we were finally able to come to a decision.  One of the debated issues was whether or not to keep the CSSHL league separate or include those players within their “HOME” provinces as will be the case when the U16 WHL Challenge Cup, provincial camps such as the BC Cup, Alberta Cup, Sask First and Manitoba POE.  In the end, we have decided to include players playing with programs out of province within there own province.

Please note:  These All-star teams don’t necessarily reflect our player rankings but instead reward noted first half stellar play.  Each province will consist of, 13 forwards, 7 defenceman and 2 goalies.

British Columbia


*Logan Stankoven – Yale Hockey Academy

*Trevor Wong – St. George’s Hockey Academy

*Jake Chiasson – Yale Hockey Academy

Kobe Verbicky – Yale Hockey Academy

Zach Funk – Yale Hockey Academy

Jaden Uy – Seafair Islanders

Caeden Bankier – BWC Academy

Cage Newans – Delta Academy Green

Steel Quiring – OHA Penticton

Dylan Fader – St. George’s Academy Varsity

Connor Levis – St. George’s Academy Varsity (04)

Chase Sandhu – BWC Academy

Tyler Schweitzer – BWC Academy


Ethan Samson – Delta Academy Green

Noah Dorey – OHA Penticton

Elias Carmichael – BWC Academy

Graham Sward – Yale Hockey Academy

Oilver Gabrielson – St. George’s Academy Varsity

Ty Gibson – Pacific Coast Hockey Academy

Nolan Bentham – Yale Hockey Academy


Thomas Milic – BWC Academy

Brayden Melnyk – Yale Hockey Academy



*Dylan Guenther – Northern Alberta Xtreme

*Matthew Savoie – Northern Alberta Xtreme (04)

*Sean Tschigerl – OHA Edmonton

*Jayden Grubbe – Calgary Bisons

Dean Spak – Calgary Northstar Sabres

Colton Dach – OHA Edmonton

Tyson Laventure – OHA Edmonton

Brett Hyland – Northern Alberta Xtreme

Zac Ostaphcuk – Northern Alberta Xtreme

Lucas Ciona – Northern Alberta Xtreme

**Zack Stringer – Lethbridge (Midget AAA)

Billal Noori – Edmonton CAC (04 – injured season)

Craig Armstrong – Airdrie Xtreme

Dylan James – Calgary Bisons


Marc Lajoie – Northern Alberta Xtreme

Matt Smith – Delta Hockey Academy Green

Corson Ceulemans – OHA Edmonton

Keagan Slaney – Airdrie Xtreme

Trey Patterson – Calgary Bisons

Kyle Masters – OHA Edmonton

Warren Marcotte – Calgary Royals


Marek Pocherewny – Calgary Bisons

Lochlan Gordon – Northern Alberta Xtreme



*Cole Sillinger – OHA Penticton

*Gabe Klassen – Prince Albert Pirates

Ashton Ferster – Prince Albert Pirates

Logan Cox – Prince Albert Pirates

Blake Swetlikoff – Regina Monarchs

Davis Fry – Regina Monarchs

Matthew Hodson – Saskatoon Outlaws

Keenan Allan – Rink Hockey Academy

Kevin Anderson – Notre Dame Hounds

Hayden Wilm – Swift Current Broncos

Nolan Flamand – Saskatoon Outlaws (04)

Carter Dereniwsky – Yorkton Terriers (04)

Alex Bernauer – Saskatoon Maniacs


*Karter Prosofsky – Pacific Coast Hockey Academy

Jeremy Hancock – OHA Edmonton

Hunter Larocque – Saskatoon Maniacs

Logan Hammett – Regina Monarchs

Logan Bairos – Saskatoon Stallions

*Nolan Allan – Humboldt Broncos

*Joe Arntsen – Swift Current Broncos

***Saskatchewan is especially deep defensively this season.  There are 4-5 other defenseman who received considerable recognition in our poll of scouts.  Hoffrogge, Marek Schneider, Liam Bell, Adam McNutt, Noah Barlage and Eric Robbie.  Again the all-stars don’t reflect our player rankings.


Jaxson Taupert – Rink Hockey Academy

Mason Hawkes – Prince Albert Pirates



*Eric Alarie – Rink Hockey Academy

*Skyler Bruce – Rink Hockey Academy

*Owen Weihs – Rink Hockey Academy

Conner Roulette – Winnipeg Hawks

Carter Halamandaris – Winnipeg Monarchs

Justin Lies – Norman Wolves

Braden Lewis – Southwest Cougars

Tyson Zimmer – Parkland Rangers (04)

Rhys Raeside – Pacific Coast Hockey Academy

*Garrett Zasitko – Rink Hockey Academy

Michael Svenson – Rink Hockey Academy

Aidan Litke – Rink Hockey Academy

Matthew Wisener – Rink Hockey Academy


*Carson Lambos – Rink Hockey Academy

*Hudson Thornton – Rink Hockey Academy

Kyle Melo – Eastman Selects

Lucas Brenton – Winnipeg Sharks

William Irvine – Pacific Coast Hockey Academy

Kieran Cooke – Rink Hockey Academy

Aidan Brook – Parkland Rangers


Tyler Brennan – Rink Hockey Academy

Cole Plowman – Winnipeg Hawks

Top 10 Bantam Stories – Revisited from August

WEHP Summer Feature – Top Stories to Watch for 17/18

How do you feel things have turned out thus far from the stories we were tracking from August?

  1. CSSHL Continues to Overtake Bantam Hockey

Since the inception of the CSSHL in the 09-10 season with Prep hockey and then the inception of a full bantam hockey league in the 14-15 season, with a four team league, the CSSHL has come to the point where most of the top players from all provinces are now part of.  In the 14-15 season, the CSSHL had just four teams with Delta, POE, OHA and Edge where the majority of the players were British Columbia born prospects with Edge have some Alberta prospects.  Two seasons ago, the league moved to a 6 team league with the addition of Shawnigan Lake where the majority of the top Vancouver Island prospects played as well as Yale Hockey Academy who had some of the top players that year for the bantam draft and dominated the high end portion of the rankings.  Then this past year, the addition of OHA Edmonton, Notre Dame Hounds and Rink Hockey Academy gave players from all regions in Western Canada to be part of the league.  It has become one-stop shopping for scouts in a sense as it gives scouts a chance to view the best on best for the most part.  How the perennial powerhouse BWC Bruins will lose many of its top talents to the newly formed BWC Academy who will play in the prep division as well as St. Georges Academy who will play in the Varsity division.  Northern Alberta and the AMBHL are losing many of their top North players to the NAX Academy while other clubs are forming and in both prep and varsity division.  It could be argued that the Western Canada Bantam Hockey Champion should be the winner of the CSSHL Bantam Prep Division! 

  1. #1 overall up for grabs entering 17/18 season

The #1 overall spot for the draft is up for grabs as our scouts are torn between up to six players who have shown the ability and many who have spent time in the past year at #1 in our rankings.  Although nobody looks quite to the level at this point where Kaiden Guhle – last years #1 overall pick was, there are several intriguing prospects who could definitely emerge with the current #1 overall ranked player D – Carson Lambos the most likely at this point.  There is also a mix of top forwards ranging for two-way guys, smaller skilled forwards aka Connor McClennon and big players like Zack Stringer or Sean Tschigerl.

  1. New kids on the block!

As mentioned in our first story, western Canada hockey continues to be overtaken by the expansion of the CSSHL and this year is no different.  The Northern Alberta Extreme look to have formed a team who can threaten the league stalwarts such as Yale, Delta, RHA etc. with five of the top 40 prospects in Western Canada on the squad as well as the top 2004 born prospect in Western Canada heading to NAX.

  1. Rink Hockey Academy Continues to become “Team Manitoba”!

RHA boast the current Western Canada top ranked defenseman, top ranked goalie as well as a few other high first round ranked players.  There is a very good chance we will see just a couple players from the province of Manitoba who aren’t on RHA who could land in the top three rounds of the draft.

  1. Should the John Reid Memorial Tournament winner be considered the Bantam Overall Champion?

It should be argued that the John Reid Memorial Tournament Champion should be crowned bantam champion for the season.  The tournament features the top 12 Western Canada teams as well as a few USA teams each year.  Those 12 teams are selected based on performance and who performs best at the November tournaments in Medicine Hat and Calgary.  The tournament combines top league teams with all the top CSSHL teams with the CSSHL teams likely to make up over half of the tournament entry list this year.  The Western Canada Bantam Championships will have two British Columbia teams this year who are considered AA by no fault of their own as well as what will be a very depleted Manitoba representative along with Alberta who should be the heavy favorite.  Saskacthewan could see a strong representative due to many top prospects staying put at this point.  Prince Albert looks strong.   What are your thoughts on this?

  1. More provincial draft parity

In the 2017 WHL Bantam Draft, Alberta and British Columbia dominated the top 10 selections as the first Saskatchewan or Manitoba prospect wasn’t taken until the 11th overall pick when Seth Jarvis was selected.  This year, We could see as many as four and almost certainly three players taken within the top 10 and much more parity right through the 2nd round.

  1. Zack Stringer playing Midget Hockey

Zack Stringer won’t be playing a 3rd year of bantam hockey.  Instead, he will be playing Midget AAA in Lethbridge.  There have been a handful of players over the years try out Midget hockey in their final bantam hockey season with varying degrees of success.  Will this affect Stringer’s chances of remaining a lottery pick with perhaps limited viewing and not being able to really compare his play with his peers?  There will be a debate on this throughout the season.  We like Stringer though!

  1. Airdrie Xtreme bouncing back at last?

For years, the Airdrie Xtreme were the cream of the crop in the AMBHL.  It looks like they may return to at or near the top for the 17/18 season.  Tristan Zandee comes over from Rocky Mountain to join the likes of high scoring forwards Craig Armstrong and Ty Mueller and also have high end defenseman Keegan Slaney and a top goalie with Nathan Airey.  Look for Airdrie to have a big season in the AMBHL.

  1. BC Hockey hosting the WCBHC

The large majority of the top players from British Columbia are on the many academy teams, so it is hard to say which two teams will be representing BC at the WCBHC.  The bid process for host has closed.  Look for a southern Alberta team to be a heavy favorite to win Westerns this year.

**If you have many top stories you would like to share and have posted for conversation.  Email me directly at tneisz@hotmail.com or post under the comments section!