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Saturday SBAAHL Roundup

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Sask Valley Vipers 11 – Swift Current Kabos Raiders 1

Sask Valley Vipers:  2-0-0  18GF,  2GA

  • Holden Knights (2-3-5), Nolan Doell (2-3-5) and Jerzy Orchard (3 G).
  • G – Tyler Peterson stopped 25/26.
  • Nolan Doell leads the team in scoring with (3-4-7) in 2 games.  Jerzy Orchard leads with (4 G).
  • Both goalies Woodside and Peterson have started and allowed 1 goal each.

Swift Current Kabos Raiders:  1-1-0  6GF,  13GA

  • Matthew Christianson with the lone goal.
  • G – Brad Nyen started and all allowed 4 goals on 8 shots.  Jacob Herman 22/29 stops.
  • Aaron Toews leads the team in scoring with 2-2-4 in 2 games.  Matthew Christianson with 2 goals.
  • G – Brad Nyen has allowed 6 goals in 74 mins played.

Humboldt Broncos 2 – Saskatoon Stallions 1

Humboldt Broncos:  2-0-0  10GF,  3GA

  • Logan Barlage (1-1-2) and Cael Zimmerman (1 G)
  • G – Corbin Christianson stopped 24/25 shots.
  • Logan Barlage leads team in scoring through 2 games with 4-5-9.  Cael Zimmerman (4 G)

Saskatoon Stallions:  0-1-0  1GF,  2GA

  • Alex Morozoff with the goal.
  • Rayce Ramsay stopped 61/63 shots faced!

West Central Wheat Kings 7 – Prince Albert Venice House Raiders 4

West Central Wheat Kings:  1-2-0  13GF,  19GA

  • Casey McDonald (2-2-4), Jaxon Georget (2-1-3), Ty Bahm (1-2-3), Tye Scherger (0-3-3)
  • G – Hudson Killam  31/35 shots stopped
  • Casey McDonald leads the team in scoring with (3-4-7) in 3 games.

Prince Albert Venice House Raiders:  1-1-0  8GF,  10GA

  • Nic Prediger (1-1-2), 02 – Ben Zultok (1-1-2) and Brennon Paranteau (1-1-2).
  • G – Grant Alexander stopped 27/34 shots faced.
  • 02 Ben Zultok leads team in scoring with (1-3-4) in 2 games.  Jackson Kowblick, Brennon Paranteau (2-1-3)

Regina Monarchs 5 – Saskatoon Outlaws 4

Regina Monarchs:  1-0-0  5GF,  4GA

  • Carson Whyte, 02 Davin Griffin, Cole Hudy, Matthew Shewchuk (1-1-2).

Saskatoon Outlaws:  1-2-0  15GF,  15GA

  • Connor Zary (1-1-2).
  • Connor Zary leads the team in scoring with 5-5-10 through 3 games.  Jagger Prosofsky (3 G).

Weyburn Crescent Point Wings 6 – Moose Jaw Warriors 3

Weyburn Crescent Point Wings:  2-0-0  10GF,  6GA

  • 02 Ethan Ernst (2-1-3), Jonah Regier, Noah Altwasser, Steven Kesslering (1-1-2).
  • G – Kobe Kmita stopped 24/27 shots.
  • 02 Ethan Ernst leads the team in scoring with 4-2-6 in 2 games.

Moose Jaw Warriors:  0-2-0  3GF,   9GA

  • D – Nolan Jones (2 G), Noah Braun (0-2-2)
  • G – Wiley Cozac stopped 11/16 in 2 periods.  Bryan Thomson stopped 13/14 in the 3rd.
  • D – Nolan Jones leads with 2 goals in 2 games.

North East Wolfpack 13 – Melville Millionaires 1

North East Wolfpack:  1-1-0  15GF,  9GA

  • Parker Fofanoff (5 G), Luc Marleau (1-4-5), Cameron Norum (2 G), Rylan Donald (3 A), Josh Baranieski (1-2-3).
  • G – Tanner Martin stopped 8/9 shots faced.
  • Parker Fofanoff and Luc Marleau lead with 5 points each.

Melville Millionaires:  0-1-0  1GF,  13GA

  • Sheydon Woodhouse with the goal.
  • G – Aiden Elmy stopped 39/52 shots faced.

Estevan Bruins 4 – Battlefords Barons 4

Estevan Bruins:  1-0-1  11GF,   9GA

  • Mason Strutt (hat-trick), Dalton Schrader (1-1-2)
  • G – Morgan Wanner stopped 32/36 shots faced.
  • Mason Strutt leads the team in scoring with 6-2-8 in 2 games.

Battlefords Barons:  0-1-0  4GF,  4GA

  • Skylar Olsen (2 G).
  • G – Zev Genereaux stopped 23/27 shots faced.
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Saturday AMBHL Roundup

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Grand Prairie 5 – Edmonton CAC 3

Grand Prairie Storm: 1-2-0  9GF, 12GA

  • Kye Whillans 2-2-4, D – Carter Spenst 1-1 (GWG), Garret Franklin 1-1-2.
  • G – Lars Kaliel 27/30
  • Kye Whillans leads the team in scoring through 3 games with 4-3-7. Dman Carter Spenst is 2nd with 1-3-4.
  • Lars Kaliel has stopped 80/86 with a 3.00GAA.

Edmonton CAC: 1-3-0  11GF, 14GA

  • Curran Woods, Ethyn Hopp and 02 – Domenic Morin with 1 goal.
  • G – 2002 Blake Lyda 26/31
  • Domenic Morin leads the team in scoring through 4 games with 2-2-4 tied with Justin Hall 3-1-4.
  • Maxim Currie has started 2 games and has stopped 76/81 shots.

Red Deer Rebels 4 – Calgary Flames 2

Red Deer Rebels: 1-2-1  10GF, 13GA

  • Jace Paarup (2-1-3), Walker Stevenson (2 G), Deegan Mofford (2 A) and Caileb Berge (2 A).
  • G – Jason Very 29/31
  • Deegan Mofford leads team in scoring through 4 games with 2-2-4.
  • Jason Very has stopped 72/77 shots through 2 games.

Calgary Flames:  2-3-0  13GF, 15GA

  • Connor Brock (2 G), Brendan Boyle (2 A).
  • G – Brett Balas 26/30
  • Brendan Boyle leads team in scoring through 5 games with 3-2-5.  Connor Brock has 3 goals.
  • G – Brett Balas has stopped 104/112 shots and has a 2.36GAA

Lloydminster Heat 6 – Edmonton MLAC 0

Lloydminster Heat:  2-0-1  11GF,  3GA

  • 02 Jordan Borysuik (2-1-3), Zak Smith (2 G), Caleb Brown (1-1-2), Drew Harty (3 A).
  • G – 02 Andrei Proctor-Ramirez 22/22 SO
  • 02 Jordan Borysuik leads team in scoring through 3 games with 3-1-4.
  • Goalies Proctor-Ramirez and Hawryluk have stopped 106/109 shots in 3 games.

Edmonton MLAC:  0-2-0  0GF, 15GA

  • Kanwar Gill stopped 43/49.

Edmonton KC 5 – Leduc Oil Kings 3

Edmonton KC:  2-0-1  16GF,  5GA

  • D – Konor Campbell (2-2-4), Brett Rylance (2 G), D – Neithan Salame (4 A).
  • G – Eric Ward 30/33.
  • Brett Rylance leads the team in scoring with 7-1-8 in 3 games.  Graeme Bryks (1-6-7)
  • Dmen – Neithan Salame (0-4-4) in 1 game and Konor Campbell (2-2-4) in 3 games.

Leduc Oil Kings:  1-2-0  15GF,  17GA

  • Conrad Mitchell and Colby Laird (1-1-2)
  • Carter Gylander stopped 49/54.
  • Jakin Smallwood leads the team in scoring through 3 games with 5-6-11.

Calgary Bisons 8 – Calgary Royals 2

Calgary Bisons:  5-0-1  24GF,  9GA

  • 02 Braden Plaschewsky (2-2-4), 02 Ozzy Wiesblatt (2 G), D – Zachary Ashton (1-1-2), D – Eric Parker (3 A)
  • G – Carlos Siso stopped 17/19.
  • D – Eric Parker leads the team in scoring with 0-8-8 in 6 games.  Quinn Olson has 2-6-8 in 6 games.
  • 9 Bisons have 2 goals or more but nobody with more than 4.  All but 1 player have recorded a point this year.

Calgary Royals:  0-4-1  9GF,  32GA

  • Grayson Dietrich (2 G)
  • G – Jack McNaughton 43/51 stops.
  • Cole Svenson leads team in scoring through 5 games with 2-2-4.
  • Goalies have combined for below a .850 save percentage thus far.

Lethbridge Golden Hawks 5 – Spruce Grove PAC Saints 1

Lethbridge Golden Hawks:  4-0-1  33GF,  5GA

  • Michael Horon (1-1-2), Carson Dyck (0-2-2).
  • G – Byron Fancy stopped 15/16.
  • D – Bowen Byram leads the team with 5-9-14 through 5 games.  Carson Dyck (1-8-9), Dylan Nevil (4-5-9)
  • Lethbridge goalies combined have stopped 69/74 shots in 5 games.  Allow less than 15 Shots per game.

Spruce Grove PAC Saints:  0-3-0  9GF,  18GA

  • Trey Williams with the goal.
  • G – Chase Langdale stopped 35/40.
  • Cameron Aucoin leads the team with 2-2-4 through 3 games.  Trey Williams has 2 goals.
  • PAC goalies have combined to stop 82/100 shots this year.

Rocky Mountain Raiders 4 – Airdrie Xtreme 1

Rocky Mountain Raiders:  3-1-0  20GF  10GA

  • 02 Kyle Crnkovic ( hat-trick), Peyton Krebs (3 A)
  • G – Ethan Rycroft stopped 21/22 shots.
  • Peyton Krebs (4-12-16) in 5 games leads the team and league in scoring.  Kyle Crnkovic leads team in goals (5).
  • G – Ethan Rycroft has a 2.50GAA with a .928% in 2 starts.

Airdrie Xtreme:  0-4-1  8GF  26GA

  • 02 Jake Neighbors with the goal.
  • G – Antonie LeClerc stopped 31/35 shots.
  • 02 Jake Neighbors leads the team in scoring with 2-1-3 in 5 games.

Fort Saskatchewan Rangers 5 – Southeast Tigers 0

Fort Saskatchewan Rangers:  1-1-0  6GF,  3GA

  • Evan Ladouceur (2 G), 9 other Rangers picked up a single point in the game.
  • G – Braden Potter stopped all 26 shots for the SO

Southeast Tigers: 0-3-1  6GF,  27GA

  • 02 D – Ty Olinski took 6 PIMS as did D – Peyton Cox.
  • G – Ethan Barrows stopped 49/54 shots.
  • Joel Herron leads the team in scoring with 2-0-2 in 4 games.
  • The Tigers are allowing 56 shots per game thus far.
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MB Bantam AAA Showcase – Day 2 (Afternoon Draw)

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Winnipeg Monarchs 5 – Central Plains Capitals 2

Thompson with 2 goals, Lewis 1-1-2.  Blight and Moffatt each with 1-1-2 for Central Plains.  Very physical game.

Winnipeg Warriors 8 – Eastman Selects 6

A see-saw affair which had the Warriors burst out to a quick 4-0 lead in the first period before Eastman scored 4 times in the first half of the 2nd period to tie it at 4-4.  Teams would trade goals pretty much the rest of the way and the Warriors added one with 2 seconds left to make it 8-6 and move the Warriors to 2-0-0 and dropping Eastman to 1-1-0.  Reece Vitelli paced the attack with 3 goals for the Warriors.  Vitelli leads the Warriors in scoring through 2 games with 4-1-5. Justin Svenson, Mathieu Harrold and Conrad Solypa replied for Eastman.   Matthew Boonstra and Justin Svenson lead the Selects with 2-2-4 through 2 games.

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Manitoba Showcase In Pictures

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Captain – Joey Moffatt (Central Plains Capitals) Ranked Top 2 rounds

Cole Muir (Yellowhead Chiefs)

Trent Miner (Brandon Wheat Kings) Top ranked Manitoba Goalie.

Nakodan Greyeyes (Winnipeg Monarchs) Ranked Top 2 rounds.

Erik Fawkes (Winnipeg Monarchs) Ranked 1st round for the Bantam Draft.

Dylan Halliday (Brandon Wheat Kings)

Justin Svenson (Eastman Selects) – High ranked MB Forward

Ty Thorpe (Brandon Wheat Kings) Top 2002 born prospect



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MB Bantam AAA Showcase Day 2 (updated 12:43)

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Winnipeg Sharks 6 – Pembina Valley Hawks 2…FINAL

First Period

  1. WPG SH – Ronyck (Hughesman)
  2. WPG SH – Kotchon (Burr)
  3. PV – McCarthy (Therrien)
  4. WPG SH – Szyszkowski (Burr) 2nd Period
  5. WPG SH – Stewart (Hryhoruk) 2nd Period
  6. PV – Shindle (Ens) 3rd Period
  7. WPG SH – Burr (Ronyck)
  8. WPG SH – Ronyck

Yellowhead Chiefs 4 – Southwest Cougars 3…FINAL/OT

First Period

  1. YW – Richmond (Poole, Wotton)
  2. SW – Maddess (Kuny) 2nd period
  3. YW – Wotton  2nd period
  4. SW – Maddess 3rd period
  5. YW – Wilson (Nychuk) 3rd period
  6. SW – Chudley (Gudnason, Shearer)
  7. YW – Nychuk (Muir, Rookes) OT

Parkland Jr. Rangers 5 – Norman Wolves 5…Mid 3rd

First Period

  1. PRK – Liwski (2) (Betcher, Jubenvill)
  2. PRK – Timlick (Cockburn)
  3. NOR – Ductawich (Howard, Valentino)
  4. NOR – Rambow (2) (Bobesko, Hate)
  5. NOR – Evans (Howard, Rambow) 2nd Period
  6. PRK – Liwiski (3) (Cockburn) 2nd Period
  7. PRK – Brook (Timlick, LaPointe) 2nd Period
  8. NOR – Rambow (3) 2nd Period
  9. NOR – Howard (Saunders, Bobesko) 2nd Period
  10. PRK – Betcher (Cockburn, LaPointe) 3rd Period
  11. PRK – LaPointe (Hammond, Cockburn) 3rd Period

Winnipeg Hawks 2 – Brandon Wheat Kings 3…FINAL

  • Colin Cook scores all 3 goals for Brandon.  Cook now has 4 goals in 2 games.
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Hockey Manitoba Bantam AAA Showcase Today

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This weekend will mark the first look at the bantam prospects from Manitoba with its Bantam AAA Showcase.  The Showcase will involve all Bantam AAA teams as well as the Norman Wolves.  Action will begin at 1pm Manitoba time with the Eastman Selects playing the Winnipeg Monarchs.

The Showcase will feature WEHP first round ranked players like Joey Moffatt of Central Plains, Eric Fawkes of the Winnipeg Monarchs, G – Trent Miner of the Brandon Wheat Kings and Kolton Shindle of Pembina Valley.  Other prospects that garner close attention are top defenseman like Johnny Lambos of the Winnipeg Monarchs, Michael Ladyman of the Monarchs and Ryden Fedyck of the Winnipeg Sharks.

The Winnipeg Monarchs enter the showcase as the provinces top team with several ranked players at each position.

Stay tuned throughout the weekend for updates, thoughts and scouting reports and review as well.

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Western Canada Bantam Hockey Rankings – week 2

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Yale Hockey Academy

  1. Yale entered week 1 as the over-whelming #1 bantam team in western Canada.  Now the gap has closed a bit thanks to a loss to CSSHL rival Delta Hockey Academy who is ranked 3rd in western Canada.  Our scouts in attendance reported that Yale carried the majority of the play but Delta Hockey Academy G – Boston Bilous stopped 36/40 shots recorded, although our scouts felt he stopped closer to 50!  Yale would go on to lose their first game of the season 6-4 with 6th coming in to an empty net.  Yale boasts 11 WEHP ranked prospects in their roster and several first rounders.  Yale remain in top spot for this week.

Sherwood Park Flyers

  1. The Flyers enter week 2 steady at #2. The Flyers have opened the season with a 2-0-1 record despite missing 1st round ranked D- Matthew Robertson.  The Flyers are a big, punishing team who rely once again this season on a talented defense core led by 1st round ranked Jake Lee and injured Matthew Robertson.  Carter Chorney (3-2-5), Brett Wieschorster (3-3-6) and Ethan Browne (2-2-4) have carried the offensive load early on.  The Flyers are coming off a 4-4 tie against fellow top 10 ranked St. Albert over the weekend and outshot them 33-17.

Delta Hockey Academy

  1. Delta Hockey Academy remain ranked 3rd after defeating top ranked Yale Hockey Academy this past weekend. Delta got a tremendous performance from College committed G – Boston Bilous, stopping 36/40 shots.  Arshdeep Bains and D – Tyler Price led with 1-1-2 each and they got balanced scoring with 6 different scorers.  Delta boast between 8-10 possible bantam picks for this years draft and should be a top team all season long.

BWC Bruins

  1. BWC Bruins haven’t played any balancing games in the PCAHA as of yet but did take part in the recent Canam Super Series and faired very well despite losing in the final to POE 2-1. BWC had rolled through its first four games – going 4-0-0 and outscoring its opponents 28-2 which included a 5-1 victory over POE.  Sasha Mutala scored 12 goals in 5 games to lead all tournament scorers but was held off the score-sheet in both games vs. POE.  BWC have many high end prospects but not to the level of the academies above.

Pursuit of Excellence Hockey Academy

  1. POE was a bit of a surprise winner of the Canam Super Series but they are a team with a good amount of talent who play with good structure. They had wins against PCAHA powerhouse teams NSWC (5-4) and BWC (2-1 final) at the Canam and thus are deserving of this ranking.   POE have also played one regular season game in the CSSHL and skated away with a 4-3 win over original CSSHL rival OHA.  Currently there are a handful of POE ranked players and a couple very high end 2002 born prospects leading the way.


Lethbridge Golden Hawks

  1. The Golden Hawks have been building for a couple years now for this season and for good reason. The Golden Hawks made a push for hosting rights for the Western Canada Bantam Hockey Championships but lost out to Rocky Mountain for the hosting rights.  It looks like that won’t be a problem as Lethbridge have vaulted out to a 3-0-1 record and have outscored their opponents 28-4 and had a 2-2 tie against the 4-0-1 Calgary Bisons who they are expected to battle for South supremacy all season long.  Lethbridge have 9 returnees from last season’s 17-12-4 team led by possible 1st overall bantam pick D – Bowen Byram.  Byram had a 8 point game this past weekend and has 13 points in his first 4 games and could challenge Kale Clagues defenseman scoring AMBHL record this year.

Calgary Bisons

  1. The Bisons are always at or near the top of the AMBHL standings and look primed to stay up there again this year. The Bisons are coming off a 14-15 season where they had a league leading 26-3-4 record and allowed an AMBHL record low 54 goals in 33 games.  What is unbelievable is the thought that they may allow even less in 15-16!  So far the 4-0-1 Bisons have allowed just 7 goals led by G – Taylor Gauthier.  Gauthier could be the highest goalie ever selected in the WHL Bantam Draft eclipsing Carey Price (7th overall) and Ian Scott (9th overall).  Gauthier is coming off a season where he was 16-0-1 with a 1.21 GAA and a .950 in his rookie bantam year.  So far this year, he is 3-0-1 with a 0.85 and a .972%!  The Bisons are also aided by a very mobile defense core which certainly doesn’t hurt at the bantam level.

North Shore Winter Club Winterhawks

  1. NSWC are in a bit of a rebuilding phase for the first time in many years. After Logan Doust, the scoring could be handled by its talented 2002 born age class.  The strength of the team which will keep them in games this year against the top teams will be their strong defensive core with Jayden Lee, Jimmy Darby, Jason Shu and Jake Keller and high end G – Jesse Makaj.  A rebuilding year for NSWC still keeps them a solid 2nd place in the PCAHA but puts them a bit back in the pack in major tournament this season.  In the Canam Super Series, the Winterhawks went an uncharacteristic 2-2-1 in losing to POE and 5-1 to Dallas and tieing Dallas 5-5.  The strength of the team wasn’t a strength either as the team allowed 20 goals.

Winnipeg Monarchs

  1. The Monarchs enter the season and the easy favorite to represent Manitoba at the Western Canada Bantam Hockey Championships. The team is led by 6’1 182lb Eric Fawkes who had 35-50-85 last season.  Nakodan Greyeyes and Jonny Hooker provide ample scoring depth as well.  Highly ranked D – Johnny Lambos along with Michael Ladyman log lots of minutes.

St. Albert Sabres

10.  The Sabres started the season with a convincing 8-3 victory over SSAC and then a 4-3 win over CAC.  Both games were played without top 2 round ranked F – Brady Nicholas.  Nicholas would return in the Sabres showdown with Sherwood Park and figured in on all 4 goals (2-2-4) in a 4-4

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September 28, 2015 Newsletter is ready

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** Heights/Weights updated for Alberta, CSSHL and some PCAHA and SBAAHL teams updated.  Over 40 new players added to our lists and major movement as well after our early season viewings!
– Top 215 for the 2001 born age class.
– Top 140 for the 2002 born age class.
 – Western USA Top 50 – 2001 Born
We interview 6 top prospects from around Western Canada
Scouting Reports
Once again full scouting reports are included.  20 in total from all provinces.
**Western Canada Top 20 Teams and Full 15/16 Listings and dates
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Weekend Update

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Saturday – AMBHL

Calgary Northstar Sabres 4 – Rocky Mountain Raiders 0

After losing the first game of the season, the Northstar Sabres have convincingly won their past two games to move to 2-1-0 on the season.  G – Max Johnston was the POG – stopping all 25 shots he faced for the win while Nicholas Porterfield led the offensive attack with 2 goals, giving him a team leading 3 goals in 3 games.  Blake Stevenson scored as well and now leads the team with 2-2-4.  The loss for Rocky Mountain dropped them to 1-1-0 for the season.  Ethan Rycroft faced 47 shots and stopped 43 of them in defeat.  The Raiders will look to return back to their winning ways today in Medicine Hat while the Sabres are home to the cross-town rival Royals.

Lloydminster Heat 3 – Spruce Grove PAC 1

G – Ross Hawryluk will be the key to any Lloydminster success this year and he proved that in game 1 of the season in stopping 35/36 shots which included 22 saves in the 3rd period to preserve the win and move the Heat to 1-0-0.  The Heat got goals from 3 different players in the win which included one from highly ranked 2002 born Jordan Borysuik.  For Spruce Grove, Braden Hapgood stopped 21/24 and got a goal from Cameron Aucoin.  The Saints are back in action today in Leduc and the Heat stay in the Edmonton area to play KC in KC’s home opener.

Edmonton SSAC 3 – Grand Prairie 1

SSAC followed up a 8-3 thumping by skating away with a close 3-1 victory in Grand Prairie.  The score would’ve been much more lopsided if it weren’t for the stellar goaltending performance by Lars Kaliel who stopped 53/56 shots he faced!  2002 born F – Jacob Bodnaruk led the way for SSAC with 1-1-2.  Zafir Rawji scored his 2nd goal in as many games.  SSAC will look to make it two straight as they play Grand Prairie bright and early this morning.

Lethbridge Golden Hawks 9 – Southeast 1

The Golden Hawks are ranked in the top 10 in western Canada for a reason and have proved it once again with a 9-1 victory over Southeast yesterday.  Lethbridge won their first game of the season last weekend by a score of 8-0.  The Tigers remain winless at 0-1-1 and play next today at home against Rocky Mountain while the Golden Hawks make a stop in Calgary to play the 4-0-0 stingy Calgary Bisons who have allowed just 6 goals in 4 games thus far.  Should make for an excellent game against the odds on South finalists later in the year.

Calgary Bisons 7 – Airdrie Xtreme 3

The Bisons have stampeded out of the gate this year with a 4-0-0 record after an easy 7-3 win over Airdrie on Saturday.  The Bisons outshot the Xtreme 56-15.  Leading the way for the Bisons was Cameron Sterling with 2 goals, his first two of the season.  Quinn Olson had 1-2-3, giving him a team leading 2-4-6 through 4 games to start the season.  The Bisons continue to get offence from the defence core with 7 points.  For the Xtreme, who have now been outscored 20-5 this season in dropping to 0-3-0 got goals from three different players.  The Xtreme have 5 goals from 5 different players so far this year.  Airdrie is home today against Red Deer while  Calgary will entertain high-scoring Lethbridge which could threaten their early season perfection.

Saturday – SBAAHL

Humboldt Broncos 8 – North East Wolfpack 2

The Humboldt Broncos erupted for 6 – 3rd period goals led by Logan Barlage en route to a huge 8-2 opening day victory.  Barlage led the way for the Broncos with 3-4-7 in the game and is expected to be a top 5 selection in the 2016 Bantam draft.  Barlage is a 6’3 forward who loads of talent.  Not to be overlooked is speedy Cael Zimmerman who picked up a hattrick and could challenge for a first round status this season.  The Wolfpack were without first round ranked Luc Marleau for this game and were outshot 45-25.  Up next for the Wolfpack are the Melville Millionaires next weekend at home while Humboldt will also be off until next weekend when they head to Saskatoon to play the Stallions.

Weyburn Red Wings 4 – Notre Dame AA Hounds 3

Despite getting outshot 41-21, the Red Wings were able to come away with the win thanks to a early 3-0 first period lead on a pair of goals by high end 2002 F – Ethan Ernst.  Ernst would also break a 3-3 3rd period tie for the hattrick and give the Red Wings the win.  In goal, Matthew Dutchak stopped 38/41 shots he faced.  The AA Hounds got goals from 3 different players in defeat.  Weyburn plays next Saturday in Moose Jaw.

Sask Valley Vipers 7 – West Central Wheat Kings 1

If anyone is to challenge the high-flying Humboldt Broncos in the North of the SBAAHL this year, it will be the Vipers.  The Vipers used 6 2nd period goals to get out to a 7-0 lead, with all 7 goals coming from different plays and cruised from there.  Jerzy Orchard and 2002 born Cohner Saleski paced the attack with 1-2-3 each.  Casey McDonald scored the lone West Central marker.  The Wheat Kings will look to bounce back today in Saskatoon against the Outlaws.  The Vipers play next Saturday in Swift Current.

Yorkton Terriers 3 – Moose Jaw Warriors 0

The defending league champions begin the season with a win in getting goals from 3 different players.  The Terriers are expected to once again be a very good team but not to the level they were last season where they averaged nearly 9 GPG and had several very high picks in the bantam draft.  They also lost their top defenseman and highest ranked player – Kaedan Korczak to Midget AAA.  Nolan Meier picked up the shutout and Aiden Bulych had 1-1-2 to lead the way yesterday.  The Terriers are home once again today, this time hosting the Estevan Bruins.  The Warriors play next Saturday at home against Weyburn.

Saskatoon Frostbite 5 – Saskatoon Outlaws 3

The Frostbite outshot the Outlaws 40-20 and got a pair of goals from who should be one of the top scorers in the league – Adam Beckman.  Ethan Hain stopped 17/20 shots for the Frostbite.  The Outlaws were led by Caleb Cherry and his 1-2-3 while Connor Zary picked up 1-1-2.  Chase Hamm stopped  36/40 in defeat.  The Outlaws play once again today against West Central and the Frostbite are off until next Sunday when they head to Wilcox to play Notre Dame.

Saturday – CSSHL

POE 4 – OHA 3

POE, coming off a Canam Super Series win, carried it through to an opening day CSSHL win.  POE were led by top 5 ranked 2002 born prospect Connor McClennon who picked up 1-1-2 as did John Lee.  Ben King and big dman – Connor Horning picked up singles.  For OHA, 5’11 F – Nathan Driver and late Dec birthday 2002 born Cole Dubinsky had 1-1-2.  The shots in the game were 30-30.  Cole Schwebius started and finished for OHA while Geo Wilson did the same for POE in earing the win.

Delta HA 6 – Yale HA 4

In a battle of two of the top teams in all of Western Canada, it was Delta knocking off top ranked Yale 6-4.  Boston Bilous was perhaps the main reason for the Delta win as he turned aside 36/40 shots he faced.  Bilous has already committed to US College which is extremely rare for a 14 year old but he also proved why he is one of our top ranked goalies entering the season.  Delta got goals from 6 different players with D – Tyler Price and F – Arshdeep Bains leading the way with 1-1-2.  Lukas Svejkovsky (son of Yogi) and Nolan Krogfoss each picked up 2 assists.  For Yale, first round ranked star forwards Josh Williams 2-1-3 and Harrison Blaisdell 1-2-3 led the way.  Alex Rolfe stopped 24/29 shots he faced.

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Friday Scattershooting

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  • The top 10 ranked St. Albert Sabres have run their record to 2-0-0 after squeaking by the very game Edmonton CAC club 4-3.  It was the 2nd game this week where CAC ran up against one of the North favorites from the AMBHL as they lost 4-2 to Sherwood Park on Tuesday night.  Both games CAC goalies were outstanding in facing over 40 shots in each contest.  The Sabres got goals from 4 different players and got a pair of assists from Brayden Iwaschuk.  10 different players found the score sheet for St. Albert who were once again without their highest ranked player in Brady Nicholas.  CAC got 1-1-2 from Domenic Morin and Ethyn Hopp.  Morin is a 2002 first year player who picked up 16-15-31 in 22 peewee games last year while Hopp is also a 2002 born player who scored 20-13-33 in peewee.  2002 G – Blake Lyda stopped 37/41.


  • The overall favorite to win the league have to be the Sherwood Park Flyers entering the season and so far they have skiffed out to a 2-0-0 start winning a couple games by close scores.  Last night, they followed up a 4-2 win with a 5-2 victory over Leduc and out-shooting them 39-12.  The Flyers boast a defense with 4 likely draft picks for the up coming bantam draft and also have a top 2002 born defender – Kaiden Guhle.  Last night it was first round ranked Carter Chorney pacing the attack with 2-1-3.  2002 born Peyton Mckenzie who is the brother of Portland Winterhawks F – Skyler Mckenzie picked up 1-1-2 as did Brett Wieschorster.  Wieschorster and Chorney lead the team with 4 points in 2 games and both are expected to average near 2 ppg this season.  The Flyers were once again without high end dman Matthew Robertson.  For Leduc, top forward Jakin Smallwood picked up 1-1-2.  Smallwood should go pretty high in the draft and lead Leduc all season long.

Several key games highlight this weekends AMBHL action:

  • Calgary Northstar Sabres at Rocky Mountain Raiders – Saturday
  • Lethbridge Golden Hawks at Calgary Bisons – Sunday
  • St. Albert Sabres at Sherwood Park Flyers


  • The CSSHL league gets underway way this season with a pair of games on Saturday.  In the battle of interior BC CSSHL teams, it will be two of the original prep teams as POE host OHA.  POE is coming off a CanAm Super Series tournament championship in the lower mainland from this past weekend and will be looking to ride the wave.  In the battle of the Fraser Valley it will be Delta Hockey Academy hosting the league favorites Yale Hockey Academy.


  • The SBAAHL will also get underway this weekend with 7 games on the schedule.  The defending league champions – Yorkton Terriers will play a pair of home games against Moose Jaw and Estevan.  Humboldt will take on the Northeast Wolfpack in an early season battle of two top North SBAAHL teams.  Stay tuned through the weekend for full updates!
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Taylor Gauthier Set to Challenge Price and Scott?

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Taylor heads up a strong goalie group for this years draft.

Taylor heads up a strong goalie group for this years draft.

The Calgary Bisons success this season will largely ride on their large goaltender Taylor Gauthier.  Gauthier is coming off one of, if not the best seasons in AMBHL history last year when he led the league with a 16-0-1 record, .950% and a 1.21 with 5 SO.  All this coming as a first year goalie!  The question though was whether Taylor could carry that success forward this year as he set the bar so high.  If last nights 35 save SO performance over the Calgary Flames is any indication, the answer is a resounding YES!  Gauthier has led the Bisons to  a 3-0-0 start and has allowed just 2 goals in 3 starts.

Taylor Gauthier Interview from his rookie bantam season last year below:

Where have you played your minor hockey and what have been some of your favorite personal and team moments up to this point in your hockey career?

I played for the Blackfoot Hockey association my whole minor hockey career prior to this season. Id have to say my favourite team moment was winning the city championships last season, and my favourite personal hockey moment would have to be semi finals of Peewee AA Provincials when we went into triple overtime but lost, i thought myself and the whole team worked super hard to get there and I am super proud to have been apart of the team.

You are having a tremendous rookie season with the Calgary Bisons, leading the league with a 14-0-1 record and a 1.37 GAA and a .945%. What do you feel has been the biggest reason for that success?

The biggest reason for my success would have to be my defense, they do a great job of keeping the big time goal scorers to the outside and get in a lot of the shooting lanes. My goalie partner, Blake Pilon is another huge factor to my success, being a first year allows me to have plenty of learning opportunities. He been a really great mentor to me this year.

What hockey related activity will you do this coming spring/summer in regards to tournament play, training etc.?

I will be playing for the 2001 Okotoks Jr. Oilers during the spring with the other three first years (Eric Parker, Quinn Olson, Nolen Coventry) on the Calgary Bisons and during the summer I will be attending the World pro Goaltending summer camps and doing lots of 1 on 1 training to keep me on top of my game for next season.

Explain the style of goaltending you play and if you could compare your style to a current WHL/NHL goalie who would it be and why?

My style of goaltending really revolves around my athleticism and my positioning in and around my net since i had to get used to the big jump from Peewee AA to Bantam AAA i had to rely on positioning more than my speed advantage over the game speed, I try to play a lot like Carey Price since he is a big athletic goalie that is always in positioning and has great knowledge about the game.

Who are some of the shooters in your age group that you have to be most aware of when in goal and why?

The best goal scorers I’ve had to face this year would be Jonathon Tychonick of the Calgary Flames, He’s so fast on the ice and he has a very hard shot from the point. hes a very effective player anywhere on the ice. Michael Johnson is a very skilled forward with very slick hands and a deadly accurate shot that will pick the smallest of corners, you really can’t give either of them any room to shoot the puck or it will be in the back of the net.

Lastly, who have been some of the main hockey influences growing up for you and why?

The biggest hockey influence would be my Novice Coach, Todd Karman, who passed away in the summer of 2010 with stomach cancer. He always made an effort to make it to all of our practices and games even when he was in lots of pain. He taught my teammates and myself that you should never give up and always work hard until the job is done. He would show up to practice weak and tired and still do his best to help us improve as a team. He really inspired me to do the best and I can and I know that he’s watching down on my old teammates and helping us get to our ultimate goal. He’s the real reason I’m here today playing Bantam AAA because without him I would not have the drive to do everything that I do to be a better player and person.


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WEHP Top 10 Team Rankings – Week 1

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Western Elite Hockey Prospects Team Rankings – Week 1

Rank Prev Rk Team League Record Streak
1   Yale Hockey Academy CSSHL    
2   Sherwood Park Flyers AMBHL 1-0-0 W1
3   Delta Hockey Academy CSSHL    
4   BWC Bruins PCAHA    
5   POE CSSHL    
6   NSWC Winterhawks PCAHA    
7   St. Albert Sabres AMBHL 2-0-0 W2
8   Winnipeg Monarchs WPGAAA    
9   Lethbridge Golden Hawks AMBHL 2-0-0  
10   Calgary Bisons AMBHL 2-0-0 W2
11   Notre Dame Hounds SMAAHL    
12   Calgary Northstar Sabres AMBHL 1-1-0 W1
13   Rocky Mountain Raiders AMBHL 1-0-0 W1
14   OHA CSSHL    
15   Edmonton SSAC AMBHL 0-1-0 L1
16   Winnipeg Warriors WPGAAA    
17   Shawinigan Lake CSSHL    
18   Edmonton KC AMBHL 0-0-0  
19   Calgary Flames AMBHL 1-1-0 L1
20   Edge Mountaineers CSSHL    
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Chilliwack Bantam AAA Team/Schedule Announced

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The Chilliwack Bantam AAA Tournament is traditionally one of the first major tournaments of the season which features teams from the western provinces.  This year’s tournament will have 14 teams taking part.  All 6 Bantam Prep teams from the CSSHL will attend, along with 4 teams from the PCAHA led by perennial powerhouse NSWC and 3 high end AMBHL South teams.  The Kamloops Jardine Blazers will take part as well.

After each teams plays 3 games, the teams will be seeded from 1-14.  From there, the top 6 teams will get a bye to the quarter-finals while teams ranked 7-14 will playoff to determine the 2 “wildcard” teams to advance to the quarter-finals.  The Tournament will begin Friday afternoon the 9th on thanksgiving weekend and wrap up on Monday the 12th.

North Shore Winter Club Winterhawks – PCAHA

Coquitlam Chiefs – PCAHA

Maple Ridge – PCAHA

Chilliwack Bruins – PCAHA

Calgary Flames – AMBHL

Rocky Mountain Raiders – AMBHL

Calgary Bisons – AMBHL

Kamloops Jardine Blazers – OMAHA

Pursuit of Excellence – CSSHL

Delta Hockey Academy – CSSHL

Okanagan Hockey Academy – CSSHL

Edge Mountaineers – CSSHL

Yale Hockey Academy – CSSHL

Shawinigan Lake Hockey Academy – CSSHL

Tournament Schedule

Friday – October 10, 2014 Twin Rinks 2 12:30 – 2:30pm 1:45 – 2:00pm 1    Pursuit of Excellence 7 North Shore Winter Club 9
Friday – October 10, 2014 Twin Rinks 1 2:15 – 4:15pm 3:30 – 3:45pm 2    Coquitlam 3 Maple Ridge 5
Friday – October 9, 2015 Twin Rinks 2 2:45 – 4:45pm 4:00 – 4:15pm 3   Delta Hockey Academy 8 Calgary Flames 10
Friday – October 9, 2015 Twin Rinks 1 4:45 – 6:45pm 6:00 – 6:15pm 4    Chilliwack 2 Kamloops 4
Friday – October 9, 2015 Twin Rinks 2 5:15 – 7:15pm 6:30 – 6:45pm 5   Okanagan Hockey Academy 7 Calgary Edge 9
Friday – October 9, 2015 Twin Rinks 1 7:00 – 9:00pm 8:15 – 8:30pm 6   Rocky Mountain Raiders 3 Yale Hockey Academy 5
Friday – October 9, 2015 Twin Rinks 2 7:30 – 9:30pm 8:45 – 9:00pm 7   Shawnigan Lake Hockey Academy 8 Calgary Bisons 10

Saturday – October 10,2015 Twin Rinks 1 8:30 – 10:30am 9:45 – 10:00am 8   Calgary Flames 2 Coquitlam 4
Saturday – October 10,2015 Twin Rinks 2 8:00 – 10:00am 9:15 – 9:30am 9   Maple Ridge  7 Okanagan Hockey Academy 9
Saturday – October 10,2015 Twin Rinks 1 10:45 – 12:45pm 12:00 – 12:15pm 10   Rocky Mountain Raiders 3 Pursuit of Excellence 5
Saturday – October 10,2015 Twin Rinks 2 10:15 – 12:15pm 11:30 – 11:45pm 11   Shawnigan Lake Hockey Academy 8 Kamloops 10
Saturday – October 10,2015 Twin Rinks 1 1:15 – 3:15pm 2:30 – 2:45pm 12   Delta Hockey Academy 2 Calgary Bisons 4
Saturday – October 10,2015 Twin Rinks 2 12:45 – 2:45pm 2:00 – 2:15pm 13   North Shore Winter Club 7 Yale Hockey Academy 9
Saturday – October 10,2015 Prospera Red 1:45 – 3:45pm 3:00 – 3:15pm 14   Calgary Edge 3 Chilliwack 6
Saturday – October 10,2015 Twin Rinks 1 3:30 – 5:30pm 4:45 – 5:00pm 15   Kamloops 3 Rocky Mountain Raiders 5
Saturday – October 10,2015 Twin Rinks 2 3:00 – 5:00pm 4:15 – 4:30pm 16   Pursuit of Excellence 8 Maple Ridge 10
Saturday – October 10,2015 Prospera Red 4:00 – 6:00pm 5:15 – 5:30pm 17   Coquitlam 4 Shawnigan Lake Hockey Academy 5
Saturday – October 10,2015 Twin Rinks 1 6:00 – 8:00pm 7:15 – 7:30pm 18   Okanagan Hockey Academy 2 Calgary Flames 4
Saturday – October 10,2015 Twin Rinks 2 5:30 – 7:30pm 6:45 – 7:00pm 19   Calgary Bisons 7 North Shore Winter Club 9
Saturday – October 10,2015 Twin Rinks 1 8:15 – 10:15pm 9:30 – 9:45pm 20   Yale Hockey Academy 3 Calgary Edge 5
Saturday – October 10,2015 Twin Rinks 2 7:45 – 9:45pm 9:00 – 9:15pm 21   Chilliwack 8 Delta Hockey Academy 10

Sunday – October 11,2015 Prospera Red 8:00 – 10:15am 9:15 – 9:30am 25    8th  3 13th 6
Sunday – October 11,2015 Twin Rinks 1 8:30 – 10:45am 9:45 – 10:00am 23    10th 2 11th 4
Sunday – October 11,2015 Twin Rinks 2 8:00 – 10:15am 9:15 – 9:30am 24    9th 7 12th 9
Sunday – October 11,2015 Twin Rinks 2 10:30 – 12:45 11:45 – 12:00pm 22    7th 8 14th 10
Sunday – October 11,2015 Twin Rinks 1 1:30 – 3:45pm 2:45 – 3:00pm 26    Winner of 22/23 2  Winner of 22/23 4
Sunday – October 11,2015 Twin Rinks 2 1:00 – 3:15pm 2:15 – 2:30pm 27    Winner of 24/25 7  Winner of 24/25 9
Sunday – October 11,2015 Twin Rinks 1 5:30 – 7:45pm 6:45 – 7:00pm 28    1st 3  Winner of 26  5
Sunday – October 11,2015 Twin Rinks 2 5:00 – 7:15pm 6:15 – 6:30pm 31    2nd 8  Winner of 27 10
Sunday – October 11,2015 Twin Rinks 1 8:00 – 10:15pm 9:15 – 9:30pm 30    3rd  2  6th 4
Sunday – October 11,2015 Twin Rinks 2 7:30 – 9:45pm 8:45 – 9:00pm 29    4th 7  5th 9

Monday – October 12,2015 Twin Rinks 1 8:00 – 10:45am 8:45 – 9:00am & 9:45 – 10:00am 33   Winner of 31 2 Winner of 30 4
Monday – October 12,2015 Twin Rinks 2 8:30 – 11:15am 9:15 – 9:30am & 10:15 – 10:30am 32   Winner of 28 7 Winner of 29 9
Monday – October 12,2015 Twin Rinks 1 2:00 – 4:45pm 2:45 – 3:00pm & 3:45 – 4:00pm 34   Winner of 32 or 33 3 Winner of 32 or 33 5



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Advertising Space Available for 2015-2016!

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Western Elite Hockey Prospects currently has openings for two spots of advertising for the 2015-2016 season.  We have had a few long-term advertisers who have kept their spots for a few seasons now and have decided to expand the space to allow other companies the opportunity to use the space.

If you are interested in advertising on both the website and bi-weekly newsletter, please contact me at or and I will pass on the information and what we need to move forward with the process.

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California Elite Prospects Preview

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Southern California only has 2 legit Bantam Tier 1 (AAA) teams. The Jr. Ducks and the Jr. Kings. Both teams have gone through major changes this year as we head toward the WHL draft and here is the breakdown.

The Anaheim Jr. Ducks 01′ players lost are much better than the ones they gained. They are a very fast hard working team that will struggle against the big teams back east and in Canada. The other issue they are going to have is the two best goalies in the state play for the Jr. Kings. They are also losing their best two players in York and Florit.

Key Losses:
Cameron York D (Shattuck St. Mary’s) – Best Defensman

Dillon Florit F (Colorado Thunderbirds) – Best Forward

Joseph Quest F (Minnesota H.S.) – Best Power Forward

Key Acquisitions:

Timothy Light F (From San Jose Sharks) – Small shifty player. Has very good hands and works his tail off. We haven’t seen him play but only a couple games. You have to love his work ethic and dedication to the sport. However he is 5’4″ at best and his size really shows up when battling in the corner.

Cody Sherman F (From San Diego Gulls) – Very fun player to watch. Quick skater with a low wide stance. He’s very good east/west and is a very unselfish player. They kid is great around the net! His hockey IQ is as good as it’s gets and he’s not only a playmaker but he’s a very good finisher around the net. Our main concern with his is his size and lack of top end speed. He’s not afraid to go into the corner but he doesn’t win very many battles. The kid really does have great hockey sense and vision. He’s a very, very unselfish player and a Solid pickup for the Jr. Ducks but again another small player to add to the mix. The problem is getting him with the right players to utilize his skill set. WHL, not sure thats in his cards quite yet. Size being a big setback.
– Jr. Kings 01′ They lost some good players especially on D (Kent) but, three of the four new forwards they added are arguable the best 3 forwards in the state.

Key Losses:
Kristoph Papp F (Belle Tire) – Best Forward
Nick Kent D (Delta Hockey Academy) – Best Defensman
Huston Karpman F (Shattuck St. Mary’s) – Best Power forward

Key Acquisitions:
Hunter Campbell F (From Seattle) – Hunter is a strong skating power forward with lots of potential. Not sure why he didn’t just go play in Vancouver as it’s much closer. The kid is hard nosed and attacks players even when he has the puck. The knock on him is a lack of overall hockey IQ. The games we have watched him play in he’s a true beast. However, he lacks in vision and playmaking ability. He also spends more time in the box then we would like to see. Tons of upside with this kid and fun to watch. Great size (5’10”) and good speed. He’s Just needs to figure out how to get on the score board and find his teammates more.  We see him going in the mid to late rounds in the WHL draft.
Jayden Price F (From Jr. Ducks) Maybe the biggest surprise as this kid took his minor year off and played AA. Since coming back in January he was possibly the best forward in Colorado at the USA Hockey District Camp and has lead the Kings in scoring in the first tournament and their first 2 games this year. Good size at 5’9″ and maybe the fastest skater in CA. His hockey IQ, speed, physicality and playmaking are all top notch. The word on the street is that he was offered scholarships to many prep schools in the New England area and Shattucks St. Mary’s
after being scouted at the USHL combine and east coast tournaments over the summer.  We were told that Yale Hockey Academy, and a few other Canadian schools tried to get him as well. He’s still raw and needs to get better finishing in tight. Probably the most pure athlete we have seen for the 01’s in the western USA.
Could go early in the WHL draft if his name gets out there.

Sahil Panwar F (From San Jose Sharks) He’s born in January of 2002. This is most definitely the best 02′ w have seen play. Not just in California but, even back east and in Canada. He’s got great size at 5’9″ and he’s an amazingly smooth skater and stick handler. He’s very, very polished and smooth.
We expect this kid to be a first round pick in the 2017 WHL draft. His shot is hard, his hands are soft, and he’s simply fun to watch. His strides are long
and smooth and he’s very close to Price with this top end speed. His skating reminds of Scott Neidermayer(effortless).  The only real knocks we have on him is he tries to take on multiple defensemen when other players are open and I still need to see more games of him now that he’s checking. He doesn’t seem to like contact although he’s not scared of it either. This kid has a ton of potential and is already a top 4 forward on the 2001 Jr. Kings team.

Other Players to Watch:

Anaheim Jr. Ducks
Joseph Harguindeguy F – Best all around forward on the team. Great quickness and compete level. Is a bit selfish at times. Strong but lacks height at 5’6″.
Peter Lychnikoff F – A player many feel we have ranked much too high due to the fact he  avoids contact and skates with his head down. Has some good individual skill though and we like his upside.
Ryan Johnson D – Best player on the team and should go in first 2 rounds of the WHL draft. Very aggressive and fast but, very small.
Patrick Harrington D– Big stay at home defensman with good puck skills. Doesn’t play as physical as his size would indicate.

LA Jr. Kings
Brendan Brisson F – Very clever in tight, has a sneaky quick shot and great accuracy. Lacks size at 5’5″ but has a lot of potential to go far.
Quinn Emerson F – A lot like Brendan he is great in small space and has a very high hockey IQ. He too is on the small side.
Cole Weinger D– Younger brother of a WHL player that has good size at 5’10” and is a pure stay at home defensman that plays physical. Could go in the WHL draft.
Dustin Wolfe G– Plain and simple, he’s the best 01′ goalie this side of the Mississippi!!!
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2015 MTS Bantam Showcase

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mts showcase

2015 MTS Showcase Challenge

Hosted by Hockey Manitoba

October 2-4, 2015

Winnipeg, MB


Oct-02 12:00 PM MTS Iceplex – REMAX 1 Winnipeg Monarchs Eastman

12:30 PM MTS Iceplex – ACU 2 Winnipeg Warriors Central Plains

1:00 PM MTS Iceplex – RRCO 3 Winnipeg Hawks Interlake

4:00 PM Presentations – Eastman, CP, Interlake, Hawks, Monarchs, Warriors (Required)

2:45 PM MTS Iceplex – ACU 4 Winnipeg Sharks Brandon

4:45 PM MTS Iceplex – RRCO 5 Pembina Valley Yellowhead

5:00 PM MTS Iceplex – ACU 6 Parkland Southwest

7:00 PM MTS Iceplex – RRCO 7 Winnipeg Monarchs Norman

7:45 PM MTS Iceplex – ACU POE U16 Shattuck U16 Team MB


Oct-03 9:30 AM MTS Iceplex – ACU 8 Parkland Norman

9:30 AM MTS Iceplex – REMAX 9 Winnipeg Sharks Pembina Valley

9:00 AM MTS Iceplex – RRCO 10 Brandon Winnipeg Hawks

10:00 AM MTS Iceplex – WFP 11 Yellowhead Southwest

12:30 PM Presentations – Brandon, Norman, Parkland, PV, Yellowhead, Southwest, Sharks (Required)

1:00 PM MTS Iceplex – ACU 12 Winnipeg Monarchs Central Plains

1:50 PM MTS Iceplex – RRCO 13 Winnipeg Warriors Eastman

3:15 PM MTS Iceplex – ACU 14 Norman Interlake

4:00 PM Peguis Multiplex POE U16 Team MB U16 Shattuck

7:00 PM MTS Iceplex – WFP MJHL Swan Valley Steinbach


Oct-04 9:00 AM MTS Iceplex – REMAX 15 3rd 2nd

9:20 AM MTS Iceplex – ACU 15 TBA TBA

9:45 AM MTS Iceplex – WFP POE U16 Shattuck U16 Team MB

11:20 AM MTS Iceplex – RRCO 16 TBA TBA

11:20 AM MTS Iceplex – REMAX 17 TBA TBA

11:40 AM MTS Iceplex – ACU 18 TBA TBA

1:20 PM MTS Iceplex – REMAX 19 TBA TBA

2:00 PM MTS Iceplex – ACU 20 WINNER of GM17 1st (Bye)

*Unbalanced schedule due to 13 team event; please see technical package for more details

*All the Sunday match-ups will be confirmed online at 7:00 PM Saturday evening

*View standings at or on your mobile device with the NGIN App*

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SBAAHL South East Exhibition Challenge

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SBAAHL South East Exhibition Challenge

Chief Denton George Memorial Arena

Ochapowace First Nation

Sept. 19-20, 2015

The beautiful 2000 seat Chief Denton George Memorial Arena on Ochapowace First Nation was the site of this past weekend’s SBAAHL South East Exhibition Challenge. Participating SBAAHL Teams were Yorkton Terriers, Melville Millionaires, Estevan Bruins, Weyburn Red Wings, Moose Jaw Warriors and Balgonie Prairie Storm.

Once again the weekend turned out to be a primary show down between perennial SBAAHL South Division contenders the Yorkton Terriers and Balgonie Prairie Storm.  Yorkton ended the weekend 3 – 0 after defeating the Prairie Storm on Saturday 6-3, on 5 unanswered goals. The Prairie Storm finished 3 – 1 with the loss to Terriers.

Based on the games played over weekend, there appears to be more parity in the South Division than has been case past number of years.  Though both Yorkton and Balgonie will be strong as always, both teams are rebuilding a little after extremely strong 2000 born laden rosters last season. Both teams appear to be going with more of a balanced 2001 /2002 roster this season demonstrating the depth of talent in the 2002 class. Weyburn looks to be improved this season with a strong combination of 2001/2002’s also and if get goaltending may challenge the Terriers and Storm. Estevan and Moose Jaw both have some great high-end talent on their rosters but we don’t feel they have the depth to contend with the front runners. Melville appears to be in a full rebuild and need to punch above their weight to contend with the others.

There was a plethora of WHL scouts in stands through out the weekend watching some of the high end 2001 draft eligible talent on display including Adam Herold, Nolan Jones, Zach McIntyre and Aiden Bulych to name a few – and those players all stood out with their outstanding play. Scouts also got a chance to see an early preview of 2017 WHL draft eligible 2002 born prospects Ethan Ernst, Landon Kosior, Ryder Korczak, and Zack Ulsifer to name some of the 2002 rookies that had outstanding weekends and will play key roles on their teams this season.

The SBAAHL season kicks off this weekend – September 26th.

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Sunday – AMBHL Action – updated Monday 8am

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Lethbridge Golden Hawks 9 – Airdrie Xtreme 1

The Lethbridge Golden Hawks win their 2nd consecutive blowout win of the weekend, this time 9-1 over Airdrie. Outscored opponents 17-1 this weekend after defeating the Calgary Royals 8-0 yesterday.  The Golden Hawks are a favorite to represent Alberta at the Western Canada Bantam Hockey Championships this year.  Through the weekend, six different players have 2 goals or more with D – Bowen Byram and Dylan Nevil leading in points with 2-4-6 each.  A couple of first year scoring aces in 2003 born Zack Stringer and 2002 born Kadyn Chabot both have 3 goals.  Lethbridge will look to go to 3-0-0 as they face the Southeast Tigers next weekend.

The Xtreme drop to 0-2-0 after losing today’s game and losing last night 4-1 to the Calgary Flames.  Both Airdrie losses came on home ice.  2002 born Jared Miller scored today’s goal for Airdrie.  The Xtreme were without top forward Kyle Crosbie this weekend.  The Xtreme gave up 65 shots today to the Golden Hawks and allowed 44 last night.  The Xtreme have fallen on hard times in recent years after being the model of consistency in the 2000-2009 years.  The Xtreme will be looking for their first win of the season in Calgary next Saturday against the Bisons.

Calgary Bisons 3 – Red Deer Rebels 1

The Calgary Bisons open with their 2nd consecutive 3-1 victory to start the season after a win today at over Red Deer.  D – Matthew Sanders scored the GWG in the 2nd and followed up with an insurance goal in the 3rd to salt it away.  Sanders is coming off a strong bantam rookie season with the Calgary Wranglers in the AA Council League where he averaged nearly a point-per-game in picking up 10-18-28 in 29 games.  Those 28 points placed him 2nd in the entire league in dman scoring and led all rookies.  His 10 goals led all defenseman in that category.  The Bisons outshot the Rebels 46-23 as first round candidate Taylor Gauthier turned aside 22/23 and now has stopped 35/36 for the season.  For the Rebels, Jason Very stopped 43/46 shots.  This was Very’s first start of the season as Bretton Park got the nod last night against Rocky Mountain.  Kyle Gerrits scored his 1st of the season for Red Deer today.

The Bisons will look to run their record to a perfect 3-0-0 when they play cross-town rival Calgary Flames.  The Red Deer Rebels will look for their first win of the season as they head to fellow 0-2-0 south foe Airdrie.

Calgary Royals 3 – Southeast Tigers 3

In a battle of two teams expected to struggle a bit this year in the AMBHL south, it was the Royals getting a goal with :28 seconds remaining in the game by Dylan Clark to gain the tie.  Clark along with Matthew Brunton and Nate Bierd all had 1-1-2.  Scoring goals for Tigers was Joel Herron, Aiden Zinger and Daniel Drefs.  This was the first game of the season for the Tigers while the Royals lost on Saturday 8-0 to high-powered Lethbridge.

The Tigers will return to action at home on Saturday against Lethbridge while the Royals play cross-town rival Calgary Northstar Sabres on Sunday.

Calgary Northstar Sabres 8 – Calgary Flames 3

The Sabres are expected to be one of the top few teams in the South and had to bounce back quickly after an opening day 3-1 loss to city rival Calgary Bisons.  The Sabres had leads of 3-1 and 6-2 by period in outshooting the Flames 37-22.  Leading the way for the Sabres were Brayden Tracey, Ben Karman and Patrick Forde with 2 goals each.  2002 born star forward Aidan Moore picked up 3 assists and 14-15 returning forward Blake Stevenson had 1-2-3.  For the Flames, Aaron Hladiuk, 02 born Tyler Wallace and Dylan Holloway had a goal each with Tyler Russell picking up 2 assists.  Holloway has scored goals in 2 straight game to open for the 1-1-0 Flames.

The Northstar Sabres are back in action on Saturday against another fellow top team against Rocky Mountain.  The Flames play a mid week game against the Bisons at home.



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Congratulations to POE on winning the CanAm Super Series today

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POE walked away with the CanAm Super Series title today in a 2-1 upset victory over the high powered BWC Bruins.  POE built up a 2-0 lead early in the 3rd period after the game was scoreless after the 2nd period.  Connor McClennon scored the first goal on a 3 on 1 break – taking a nice feed from high touted Dman Kirby Proctor.  Then shortly after, Proctor would fire one towards the net and the rebound was fired home to give POE a 2-0 lead.  BWC would cut the gap to 2-1 on a goal by Massimo Rizzo but it wasn’t enough as POE held on to the victory.

BWC were rolling prior to the finale in averaging 7 gpg in 4 straight victories, which included a 5-1 win over POE in pool play.  Top 3 ranked Sasha Mutala scored a tournament leading 12 goals but all those goals came in 3 games as he was held off the score sheet in 2 games vs. POE.

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AMBHL Opening Day

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Calgary Bisons 3 – Calgary Northstar Sabres 1

Quinn Olson, Carter King and Ryan Shostak all score as the Bisons upset the Northstar Sabres 3-1 on opening day.  Nicholas Porterfield scored the lone marker for the Sabres who were without arguably their top player in Brayden Tracey who was serving a suspension carried over from the preseason.  Michael Johnson turned aside a remarkable 47/50 shot he faced for the Sabres while Taylor Gauthier started the game and stopped all 13 shots he faced in about a half a game of action was replaced by Carlos Siso.   No word on a possibly injury to Gauthier at this point.

Rocky Mountain Raiders 6 – Red Deer Rebels 3

The defending league champion Raiders score 3 unanswered goals in the 3rd period led be top 5 overall ranked Peyton Krebs and his 5 point effort along with high end 2002 F – Kyle Crnkovic.  The Rebels and Raiders are expected to both be in the upper echelon of the AMBHL south this season.

Lethbridge Golden Hawks 8 – Calgary Royals 0

The Golden Hawks are ranked in the pre-season top 10 and for good reason.  Details to come….

Calgary Flames 4 – Airdrie Xtreme 1…FINAL


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CANAM Super Series – Day 2 – updated 6:15pm PDT

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BWC 7 – Kelowna 0…FINAL

  • Sasha  Mutala – 4, Kyler Kovich, Massimo Rizzo and Justin Scott for BWC

BWC Bruins 5 – POE 1…FINAL

  • D – Zachary Abenante – 2, 02 F – Samuel Schofield, Joshua O’Keefe and Elan Bar-Lev-Wise For BWC
  • Ethan Scheafer for POE

NSWC Winterhawks 3 – Kelowna Jr. Rockets 2…FINAL

Shots 26-25 NSWC

  • Lee, Wetsch and Valk for NSWC
  • Will Reimer and Riley Green for Kelowna


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Canam Super Series – Day 1-updated 7:20am PDT

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Kelowna Jr. Rockets 3 – Hollyburn Huskies 3 FINAL

Johnstone with his 3rd of the tournament and Whiteside for Kelowna in the first.  Will Reimer for Kelowna in the 2nd and big D – Cole Roberts for Hollyburn


Penalty filled game.

NSWC Winterhawks 6 – San Jose Jr. Sharks 3…FINAL

BWC Bruins 8 – Dallas Stars Elite 0…FINAL

  • -Henry Rybinski and Sasha Mutala with 3 goals each.  Sasha Mutala now has 8 goals in 2 games.  2002 born Ryan Helliwell with some strong defensive play and bit hits.  Elen Bar-Lev-Wise and Justin Scott with singles.

POE 3 – Hollyburn Huskies 0…FINAL

Goal Scorers:  Max Bulawka 2, Connor McClennon, Geo Wilson with the SO

OHA 2 – Kelowna Jr. Rockets 3…FINAL

Goal Scorers:  Parker Johnstone 2, Jack Finlay 1

Shots 40-22 OHA

BWC Bruins 9 – San Jose Jr. Sharks 1….FINAL

  • Shots 39-19
  • Goal Scorers: Mutala – 5, Rizzo – 2, Bar Lev Wise and Schofield singles.

Dallas Stars Elite 5 – NSWC Winterhawks 5…FINAL

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WEHP Top 10 Team Rankings – Week 1

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Western Canada Rankings – Top 10

With the bantam season beginning tomorrow in the AMBHL and all teams finalized or close to being finalized, we decided to release our first set of rankings for the 2015-2016 season.  Many of the other leagues are in pre-season mode still but we have received rosters from all teams being considered as top 20 teams but our WEHP insiders and scouting staff.

Yale Hockey Academy
With the inception of the CSSHL league a few seasons back, the scape of bantam hockey has changed in western Canada and even more so in British Columbia.  The grandfathers of the league in OHA and POE remain strong in interior BC but when Delta Hockey Academy entered last year, they took many of the top Fraser Valley talents and as a result dominated major tournaments.  This year, it looks like it will be Yale Hockey Academy as the new kids on the block looking like they will dominate the same way.
It is quite possible that Yale Hockey Academy will have the entire 18 player roster drafted in the WHL Bantam Draft in May and if not should have a record breaking 14 drafted.  The team is made up primarily of Fraser Valley players but quite likely the top Saskatchewan talent in Harrison Blaisdell comes over from Regina and D – Rhett Rhinehart from Lloydminster.  Josh Williams, who is ranked as a top 5 prospect for the bantam draft comes over from soon to be rival Delta Hockey Academy and joins fellow first round ranked players in Ethan Leyh who joins from Port Moody and Austin Herron who comes over from Abbotsford.  Yale have two of the better goaltenders from the province with Blake Wood (Nanaimo) and Alex Rolfe (Cloverdale).
Yale will be extremely hard to stop and could be the most powerful bantam team we have seen in half a dozen years.
Sherwood Park Flyers
The Flyers were strong in the 2014-2015 season going 24-5-4 and finishing 1st in the AMBHL North but were not able get past Fort Saskatchewan in the North Finals. This year’s version will have plenty of goal scoring ability with Carter Chorney returning and the addition of Ethan Browne from the ERBHL. Browne scorched the ERBHL for a league leading 58-56-114 and winning the scoring race by 28 points as a first year bantam player!  Some of the supporting cast up front will be Bryce Bader and Brett Wieshcorster who are both big forwards coming up from the ERBHL. Bryce is the son of former WHL star forward Darren Bader.  On defense highly ranked Matthew Robertson will be patrolling the blue line. The defense core also received a huge boost with the return of Jake Lee who spent his first year in Camrose last year.  Lee and Robertson are easily the top 1-2 punch defensively in the entire AMBHL.  Add in Jaxsen Wyatt and ERBHL all-star Liam Antoniuk as well as 2002 rookie Kaiden Guhle (brother of 3rd overall bantam pick Brendan Guhle) and perhaps Kyle Hogan and you have yourself the top d-core in the AMBHL.  Up front, Steven Norum, Reese Jackson and Carson Reagan should add some good 3rd line depth.  In goal, Ethan Kruger returns after spending his rookie season in Camrose and he enters the season as the top ranked AMBHL tender.
Sherwood Park are hands down the deepest team in the AMBHL and enter the season as likely candidates to join host Rocky Mountain in the Western Canada Bantam Championships this year.
Delta Hockey Academy
Any other season a team with the amount of skill and depth that DHA possess would be its league’s top ranked team.  DHA are coming off a season in which they won the Rocky Mountain Classic, Chilliwack Tournament and the John Reid Memorial Tournaments before bowing out to OHA in the CSSHL league final in somewhat of an upset.  Entering the 15-16 season, the balance of power in the CSSHL has no doubt shifted to the new team from Yale who snatched Delta’s top offensive player in Josh Williams.  Delta does have some highly skilled talents like Lucas Svejkovsky, Dylan Cozens (Whitehorse) and Jalen Price (Campbell River) who should all put up big numbers.  The depth in behind those three provide ample scoring ability and won’t be easy to stop.  Defensively, there are a few more questions and players like Nicholas Kent from the LA Jr. Kings and Tyler Price will have to step up and lead the way.  The goaltending is as solid as it gets with BC’s top ranked tender in Boston Bilous as well as very capable Roman Basran.
Delta looks like a solid 2nd place team in the CSSHL and a threat in all major tournaments.
BWC Bruins
The Bruins will be looking to end the NSWC dominance who have won the past 4 PCAHA championships.  The Bruins even felt some of the wrath of the CSSHL in losing perhaps the top 2002 born player in the province as Justin Sourdif will play in the Varsity division along with Christian Fitzgerald and D – Nick Ardanaz.  They also lost 2001 born talented forward Arshdeep Bains to Delta Prep.  The cupboard is far from bare though this year as Sasha Mutala returns and could challenge for the 1st overall selection in the bantam draft and he is joined by highly skilled Massimo Rizzo up front.  Henry Rybinski and Elen Bar-Lev-Wise add some good secondary scoring as well.  Defensivly, Alec Sekunda along with Juliano Santalucia and Hark Gill give them some nice pieces.  In goal, Kaedan Lane will be joined by 2002 tender Koen MacInnis.
The Bruins enter the 2015-2016 as the PCAHA favorites in what has become a very depleted league.  They should continue to be a dominant tournament team as well.
Notre Dame Hounds
The Notre Dame Hounds look to have put together a pretty solid squad entering the 2015-2016 season.  At times it can be tough to gauge where the Hounds should be placed due to the fact they play Midget hockey in the Saskatchewan AA Midget League and aren’t matched up against their bantam foes in major tournament play until November at either the NWCAA Tournament or the Hockey Hounds Tournament.  However, when we look at the roster entering the season coming up, there are many solid pieces in place.  Top Regina prospect Matthew Culling anchors a very capable offence which includes highly skilled Edge Lambert from Grand Prairie along with Moose Jaw’s leading scorer from a year ago in Reece Newkirk and a trio of Weyburn forwards in Jaydon Dureau, Nolan Renwick and Cordel Larson.  Also word is they have the top forward from PEI coming over as Brady Morissey makes the long trek west.  Defensively, top Estevan defenseman Kersey Reich, top Melville dman Josh Bear along with Quinn Schmiemann and the top dman from Nova Scotia in Jeremie Hebert head over.  The goaltending should be very strong with top Nova Scotia goalie Joe MacDonald and top Newfoundland goalie Aaron Mercer both having the inside edge.
On paper, it looks like Notre Dame have ample depth to contend with the big boys this year once again. 
NSWC Winterhawks
The Winterhawks will look to win their 5th consecutive PCAHA championship in 2015-2016 led by a new approach that will need everyone contributing.  This coming season, the Winterhawks don’t have the high end first round talent they have had in seasons past but still have solid depth and remain a threat in western Canada.  Entering the season, NSWC have just 3 players ranked within our top 40 prospects from British Columbia.  Defenseman Jayden Lee, goalie Jesse Makaj and forward Logan Doust will need big seasons.  The team will also look to 2002 born talents like forwards Cole Shepard (brother of Jackson), Connor Wetsch and goalie Logan Terness.
Winnipeg Monarchs
Led by Fawkes, Lambos, Hooker, Ladyman, Greyeyes, and Cramer – they will be tough to beat as they have top end talent and a lot of depth.  3 lines deep with solid goaltending.  Monarchs only lost twice all season and outscored their opponents 258-54 in 30 games.  That is 100 goals more than the 2nd place Warriors scored, while also allowing 50 fewer.  The Monarchs allowed just 9 PPG the entire season.  They boast 5 players who scored more than 20 goals from the 14/15 season and 7 players who scored more than a PPG.
Calgary Bisons
With highly skilled forwards Nolen Coventry (F), Quinn Olson (F), defenseman Eric Parker (D) and Taylor Gauthier (G) between the pipes, the Calgary Bisons will be the team to beat in the South Division. 2002 born rookie such as Braden Plaschewsky and Ozzy Wiesblatt have both had great pre-seasons and should contribute up front as well.   Expect the Bisons to have low goals against average similar to last year (54) with goaltending sensation Taylor Gauthier (G). Overall, look for the Calgary Bisons to be a complete team offensively and defensively.
Lethbridge Golden Hawks
            The Golden Hawks are coming off a 17-12-4 season which was good enough for 2nd place in the Ram South but 14 points back of the Rocky Mountain Raiders. This season the Golden Hawks look to be the favorite in the South with 9 returning players and some highly skilled 2002 born stars coming up. Up front, the Golden Hawks will look to a potent balanced attack led by Carson Dyck (son of team coach and former WHL coach Michael Dyck) to lead the way after posting 12-33-45 in his rookie campaign. Daniel Anton scored 21 goals and returns along with diminutive 5-1 F – Griffin Fraser, Michael Horon and his 11-16-27 and Dylan Nevil. What should be very interesting to watch is the influx of highly skilled peewee talent led by Kadyn Chabot and his 74 goals in peewee last season to go with 109 PIM. He is joined by fellow first year talents Scout Truman (63-59-122), Ridley Greig (51-67-118) and peewee aged 2003 5-10 F – Zack Stringer and his 62-66-128 from last season. As strong as the offence is, we would be remised if we did not mention top 3 ranked overall prospect D – Bowen Byram who is now 5-11 155lbs and combines grit and offence. Byram racked up 12-15-27 with 40 pims in his rookie bantam season. He is joined by 6-1 185lbs Nicholas Draffin (6-12-18) and fellow returnees; Reece Beck and Tayler Miller. Miller grew 4 inches and 25 lbs from his rookie season. Goaltending reigns will be handed to high end prospect Carl Tetachuk who posted a 16-1-2 record with a .950%, 1 1.45 GAA and 6 SO in Bantam AA last season.
St. Albert Sabres
St Albert Greggs Distributor Sabers- This will be an important year for St Albert as they have not been able to get past the first round in the playoff for many years. Returning forwards Brady Nicholas, Kyle Gilowski and Kye Buchanan will need help up front for this team to progress past the first round. On defense they will be looking at the addition of highly ranked 2002 defenseman Michael Benning to add some scoring touch.  Furthermore, the Sabres have 3 very capable defenseman coming in from the ERBHL in Kyle Fulton, Justin MacDonald, Brett Yost and loads of depth coming in for forwards with Dominik Cesarz who was an ERBHL all-star along with Stuart Dowvy who cracked 20 goals, 30 goal an Blake Sydlowski and big power forwards Tyler Pitre and Erik Boers.  In goal, look for Ryley Osland and Evan Fradette to have the inside track for the starters job. The Sabres have stormed out of the gate in the pre-season by dominating its foes to the tune of 6-0-0 with 34GF and 7GA.  Very deserving of a Top 10 selection!



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CanAm Super Series This Weekend

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The first major tournament of the 2015-2016 bantam hockey season will get underway this coming weekend in Vancouver.  BWC and NSWC will be joining forces to host the event and will also enter as the favorites to win the tournament.  The two winter clubs have won 9 of the past 10 provincial titles.  Teams typically use this tournament as a final evaluation before the regular season rosters are set.  In the first Canam tournament two years ago, a pool of four Canadian teams faced off against three US teams and Seafair (after LA pulled out). Okanagan Hockey Academy and Pursuit of Excellence teams were included with the Winter Clubs in one conference, with Seafair and teams from Anaheim, San Jose and Dallas in the other conference. This years format is the same but just the Dallas Stars Elite and the San Jose Jr. Sharks will take part and will be joined by POE and Kelowna in the “American Conference.  Because of the USA U14 Nationals being played in Anchorage, Alaska this year, a number of US organizations were unable to make the commitment to travel to Vancouver for this year’s tournament. The Canadian Conference will consist of:  BWC, NSWC, OHA and Hollyburn.

The tournament gets underway, Friday, September 18 at 8:00 a.m. with two games: NSWC vs Dallas at NSWC; and BWC vs San Jose at BWC. Last year the Anaheim Ducks finished first.

Each Conference will cross-over for a round robin of 4 games each.  After that, the teams will be seeded for the final games and seeded and matched up 1-8 with the top 2 teams playing in the final.

WEHP will have 2 scouts in attendance with one at BWC and one at NSWC to file reports through the weekend.  We are also slated to keep the player statistics for the event!

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September 13, 2015 Newsletter now ready

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 We have reverted back to a more user friendly website which we can all navigate better this year!  It is not as “fancy” but people seem to prefer it.
We have now switched back to the overall ranking, round by round original system after putting together our preliminary provincial lists.  30+ pages of bantam content included this time around.
 We have added a brand new feature called “inside Scouting”.  We will chat with some WHL head scouts and learn about life as a WHL scout.  What do they look for in a prospect, how did they get started, the coldest rink and much much more!
– Top 205 for the 2001 born age class.
– Top 140 for the 2002 born age class.

– Western USA Top 40 – 2001 Born

There are 5 interviews included in this issue of the newsletter.  All prospects come from various provinces in Canada.  One prospect led his SBAAHL team in scoring as a 1st year bantam while another finished tied for the team lead in scoring.  Bot are headed to Notre Dame this year.  We interview a puck moving dman from British Columbia and a skilled BWC forward among others.
Scouting Reports
Once again full scouting reports are included.  10 in total from all provinces.
Top 10 In Depth Team Rankings
– We break down the Top 10 teams from Western Canada and why we feel they are the best!
**Western Canada Top 20 Teams and Full 15/16 Listings and dates
best regards,
Tyler Neisz
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WEHP Top Saskatchewan Born Player Profiles

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Logan Barlage Action

Logan Barlage – Humboldt Broncos Bantam AA

Big, strong offensively gifted forward that will without doubt dominate the SBAAHL league this season with his size, strength which will be much greater than most the 2001 and 2002’s he will face. Logan’s size and strength advantage set him apart at the Bantam AA level, and he will surely be a high 1st round WHL draft pick in 2016 but key to his success down the road at the WHL level will be his ability to competing against players that will be as big and strong as himself. We feel moving up to a higher level (PA Mintos Midget AAA) would have benefited Logan more so than another season of Bantam AA.


Kaeden Korczak: Yorkton Maulers Midget AAA

Big, strong, physical defenseman that thinks the game well and makes good decisions will forego his final year of Bantam AA to play as an underage with the Yorkton Harvest Midget AAA Team. We feel this move will help Kaeden’s overall development and better prepare him for what we see as a very promising future in the WHL with great NHL potential. Reminds our scouts of former, big and dominant WHL defensemen like Karl Alzner and Colton Teubert,

yale hockey academy

Harrison Blaisdell – Yale Hockey Academy

Harrison is an offensively gifted player that works extremely hard and plays with intensity. These favorable character traits along with playing this upcoming season at Yale Hockey Academy against much higher skilled players will help his development greatly – in our opinion. Plays both ends of rink well which augments Harrison’s impressive offensive skills. Son of former WHL star and NHL player Mike Blaisdell, we forsee a very promising future for Harrison.

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WEHP First Rounder Profiles

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Sasha Mutala is expected to be in the mix for first overall.

Sasha Mutala is expected to be in the mix for first overall.

Sasha Mutala – BWC Bruins

BIRTHYEAR 2001-06-05


AGE 15





WEIGHT 170lb

2014-2015 Stats:  53GP  53-55-108  40PIM

Sasha not only has size but high end skill and he makes plays at speed. His size and skill not only allow him to be dangerous 1 on 1 they also allow him extra time with the puck to make plays. He has good hockey IQ and plays hard he is one of the cant miss prospects of this year’s draft he is also not given enough credit for his decent two way game. The only downside to Sasha game is he can be very selfish at times when he gets to individual he is ineffective and he frustrates his team and line mates. He is at his best when he is both a playmaker and scoring threat.

Potential: Elite Power Winger

Josh should be a top 10 pick in May and is moving from Delta to Yale.

Josh should be a top 10 pick in May and is moving from Delta to Yale.

Josh Williams – Yale Hockey Academy




AGE 15





WEIGHT 165lb

2014-2015 Stats:  21GP 8-14-22 56PIM

Josh is 6 ft 165lbs and plays a game that resembles his physical stature. He is good in traffic and is willing to engage physically. He is hard on the puck on the fore check and hungry for the net. His skating speed is average as he has a short stride, but his anticipation for the play is good which improves his game speed.

His playmaking is good in the neutral zone but in tight in the other team’s end, his passing is often not accurate and delayed as he looks to shoot first. His shot is hard but accuracy can be an issue. In the offensive zone, he sometimes puts his head down to force a play instead of keeping his head up to make the best play.

Josh has the overall potential to be a top 6 power forward but needs to evolve his game going forward to utilize his line-mates better.

Potential: Elite first line power winger

Many feel Bowen is hands down the top defender in bantam hockey.

Many feel Bowen is hands down the top defender in bantam hockey.

Bowen Byram – Lethbridge Golden Hawks



BIRTHPLACE – Cranbrook, BC

AGE 15





WEIGHT 155lb

2014-2015 Stats:  33GP 12-15-27 40PIM

Bowen was the leading scorer as a defenseman for the Lethbridge Golden Hawks in the 2014-2015 season scoring 12-15-27 as a rookie bantam star.  Bowen has excellent speed and is able to make end to end rushes with his skating ability.  He is able to make a good first pass coming out of the defensive zone and has a great shot.  Bowen has a strong defensive game and can play in all situations.  He played in the AMBHL all-star game as a 13 year old rookie.  Bowen should be a high first round selection in May of 2016.

peyton krebs

Payton Krebs – Rocky Mountain Raiders




AGE 15




HEIGHT 5’11”

WEIGHT 155lb

2014-2015 Stats:  33GP 28-38-66 22PIM

Krebs led his Raiders with 38 assists and 28 goals in the 2014-2015 season.  He finished 4th overall in AMBHL league scoring last year and the same or more should be expected in 2015-2016.  Krebs won the MVP at the Western Canada Bantam Hockey Championships in 2015.  Krebs is a crafty forward who is able to make passes in tight areas to create offensive opportunities for his teammates.  He skates well, handles the puck comfortably and can finish.  Krebs is a slam dunk first round pick in May in our opinion.

Taylor heads up a strong goalie group for this years draft.

Taylor heads up a strong goalie group for this years draft.

Taylor Gauthier

BIRTHYEAR 2001-02-15


AGE 15





WEIGHT 165lb

2014-2015 Stats: 16-0-1 1.21GAA  .950%

Gauthier has great agility and reflexes.  Not only is he able to read and react quickly but he is able to steer rebounds in to the corners.  Gauthier is able to take away the lower part of the net effectively and is able to cover the upper portion with quick trapper and blocker.  He is the #1 goalie from Alberta and has a chance to be selected in the first round of the Bantam Draft if he continues his progress.

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Top 10 Bantam Stories For 2015/2016

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#1. Dach Leads the way

Kirby Dach smashed a record for a player in his pre bantam draft year in the AMBHL with an astonishing 29-71-100. Those 100 points were far and away the leading numbers in the AMBHL by 20 over his line mate Jude Butler. Scoring the 100 points was also far and away the top numbers ever recorded by a pre bantam aged player – previously held by Tyler Benson with 34-50-84. Benson holds the AMBHL for most points ever in an AMBHL season with 57-89-146. What won’t happen this year though is getting to watch Dach in the AMBHL and a chance to beat those records. Why? Because, Dach is playing Midget AAA in the AMHL with Fort Saskatchewan. It will beINTERESTING to see how Dach can do in this league. In the past, it really hasn’t worked out the way it was planned for some previous players like Braden Oleksyn with Beardy’s and Alex Forsberg with Beardy’s as well. Fun story to follow and our #1 bantam story of the season to come!

*Side note:  One of the top defenseman from Saskatchewan is also headed to Midget AAA as Kaedan Korczak will play Midget in  Yorkton.

#2. A draft for the ages?

The 2016 draft could very well be the best draft we have seen in quite some time. Not only do we have several high end forwards from each province such as; Mutala and Williams from BC, Dach and Krebs from Alberta, Barlage and Blaisdell from Saskatchewan and Fawkes and Moffatt from Manitoba. The defense across the board mirrors the top defense from previous years drafts and the goaltending is very strong.

#3. New kids on the block ’16 edition – YHA

The new kids on the block for bantam dominance has to be the Yale Hockey Academy team.   Last year it was Delta Hockey Academy but this year, Yale have claimed many of the top players who aren’tPROPERTY of the big boys from NSWC and BWC. Josh Williams, who is a top 10 ranked player has switched from Delta to Yale and he is joined by fellow top 2 round ranked players such as; defenseman Austin Herron and Jackson Van de leest along with forwards Ethan Leyh, Alex Swetlikoff and Nick Amsler with Alex Rolfe in goal. These players, along with many other top lower mainland and BC prospects make Yale Hockey Academy the team to beat this year in major bantam hockey tournaments.

#4. BWC vs. NSWC rivalry – yet again!

BWC and NSWC have long been the top teams in BC hockey and have been able to draw the top talent to their respective Winter Clubs. Although, they are both still very strong programs, it can easily be argued that both Yale Hockey Academy and Delta Hockey Academy have both passed them as the teams to beat in major tournaments now. Virtually all the top prospects now are placed on those teams.

#5. Sherwood Park set for AMBHL dominance 

They were strong in the 2014-2015 season but were not able get past Fort Saskatchewan in the NorthFINALS. This year’s version will have plenty of goal scoring ability with Carter Chorney returning and the addition of Ethan Browne. Some of the supporting cast up front will be Bryce Bader and Brett Wieshcorster who are both big forwards coming up from the ERBHL. Bryce is the son of former WHL star forward Darren Bader. On defense highly ranked Matthew Robertson will be patrolling the blue line. The defense core also received a huge boost with the return of Jake Lee who spent his first year in Camrose last year.  Lee and Robertson are easily the top 1-2 punch defensively in the entire AMBHL.  Add in Jaxsen Wyatt and ERBHL all-star Liam Antoniuk as well as 2002 rookie Kaiden Guhle (brother of 3rd overall bantam pick Brendan Guhle) and perhaps Kyle Hogan an you have yourself the top d-core in the AMBHL.  Up front, Steven Norum, Reese Jackson and Carson Reagan should add some good 3rd line depth.  In goal, Ethan Kruger returns afterSPENDING his rookie season in Camrose and he enters the season as the top ranked AMBHL tender.

#6. Gauthier looks to be highest goalie pick ever

Taylor Gauthier had one of the most fantastic seasons in bantam hockey history and all this came as a first year bantam player with the Calgary Bisons. Gauthier somewhat silently posted a 16-0-1 record and a 1.21 GAA with a .950%. Those numbers were far and away the tops in the AMBHL and the question now is if he can become the highest picked goaltender since Carey Price went 7th overall in the 2002 Bantam draft and Ian Scott going 9th in the 2014 draft. Oh yeah, Gauthier also had 5 shutouts to lead the league too!

#7. Barlage looks to supplant Dach

Logan Barlage has been a player that people around Saskatchewan have been talking about now for many years. Barlage as a first year bantam player in the SBAAHL racked up 35-27-62 in 31 games which placed him 8th in league scoring. This came after a peewee season where he smashed records with 175-99-274! Barlage has an unique combination of size and offensive skill as his 6’3 frame suggests as well. Barlage is now somewhat overshadowed by Dach but Barlage could change that very fast in the 15/16 season.

#8. Winnipeg Warriors set to dominate Manitoba hockey

The Winnipeg Monarchs absolutely dominated the Winnipeg AAA B2 league last year with a 28-2-0 record while scoring 258 goals and allowing just 54. The 258 goals scored were nearly 100 more than the next best team, which is over 3 gpg more than the Warriors and they allowed 50 fewer than the Warriors as well. Many of the top ranked Manitoba players are from the Monarchs to nobodies surprise. Eric Fawkes, Nakodan Greyeyes, Jon Lambos, Michael Ladyman are all top 10 ranked players from the province.

#9. A return to normalcy for Hockey Manitoba high end talent?

After a bantam draft where Calen Addison, Jett Woo, Riley Stotts and Koby Morrisseau all went in the top 10 in 2015, it looks like the province will return to more of a normal level of high top 10 picks. The province does have some high end talent, but it will likely be some time before we see that many high end picks coming from the province in what can be considered as a “bumper crop” of sorts.

#10. High end goaltending to highlight ’16 draft

Goaltending could steal the show with as many as 3 first rounders for the 2016 draft. As mentioned in one of our earlier stories, Taylor Gauthier heads up a very strong Alberta goaltending group. Others such as Brett Balas from the Calgary Flames, Ethan Kruger from Camrose, Ross Hawryluk from Lloydminster and Dawson Savage from Medicine Hat head up a very strong group. Nolan Meier from Yorkton and Trent Miner from Southwest head up those respective provinces. Boston Bilous from Delta Hockey Academy is another who has a good shot at going perhaps in the first round.

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August 31, 2015 newsletter is ready!

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We have now switched back to the overall ranking, round by round original system after putting together our preliminary provincial lists.  43 pages of bantam content included this time around.
– Top 205 for the 2001 born age class.
– Top 140 for the 2002 born age class.
– Western USA Top 40 – 2001 Born
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Western Prospects Development Camp Underway

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Here is the full list of players taking part in the games portion of the Western Prospects Development Camp.  Also, please see below for the schedule of the camp taking place this week in Regina!

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Top 10 Bantam Stories for 15/16 season

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#1. Dach Leads the way

Kirby Dach smashed a record for a player in his pre bantam draft year in the AMBHL with an astonishing 29-71-100. Those 100 points were far and away the leading numbers in the AMBHL by 20 over his line mate Jude Butler. Scoring the 100 points was also far and away the top numbers ever recorded by a pre bantam aged player previously held by Tyler Benson with 34-50-84. Benson holds the AMBHL for most points ever in an AMBHL season with 57-89-146. What won’t happen this year though is getting to watch Dach in the AMBHL and a chance to beat those records. Why? Because, Dach is playing Midget AAA in the AMHL with Fort Saskatchewan. It will be interesting to see how Dach can do in this league. In the past, it really hasn’t worked out the way it was planned for some previous players like Braden Oleksyn with Beardy’s and Alex Forsberg with Beardy’s as well. Fun story to follow and our #1 bantam story of the season to come!

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Hiring Scout for Southern Alberta

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We are in the process of rounding out our scouting staff to start tracking these age group through spring hockey and in to the 2015-2016 bantam hockey season in various regions.

If you are interested in joining our staff for the 2015-2016 season, I would like you to send interest and experience outlined to  Upon reviewing the application, I will contact the applicant right away and set up with necessary material to start up.  Once hired, we supply scouting passes for the 2015-2016 season as well as honorariums for major events traveled to.  This will be discussed when events arise.

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Will Kirby Dach Go #1 Overall in ’16?

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Welcoming Advertisers for 15/16 season

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We are accepting interested advertisers for the 15-16 season. Western Elite Hockey Prospects has become bantam hockey’s go-to website for news, rankings and previews.  .  Western Elite Hockey Prospects has been a regular stop for WHL executives, scouts, parents, players and fans.

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KIBIHT Tournament 2016

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KIBIHT announces a new addition for 2015/16

Visit Their Homepage Here


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